Why Leo and Capricorn are Obsessed With Each Other

you’ve already seen my tweets about capricorns adoring leos and leos adoring capricorns. so why is that? what really is going on there? it can’t be by accident that so many of you are wondering, “what?!?” in my post that’s me on the top!âĢĿ To be honest, i didn’t even know it was a thing until i started making jokes about it.

a lot of my memes and blog posts are influenced by my instincts and astrology awareness, as well as previous encounters i’ve had with people who show traits of their zodiac signs. And luckily for all of you, I loved a Capricorn for like 5 years and I HAVE SOME THINGS TO SAY.

Compatibility between the signs is very complex and most of us know, we need to look to the entire natal chart and composite chart to get the full scope of a specific relationships’ compatibility. with that said, there are many sun signals that are attracted to one another and those that repel one another. to see if leo and libra are compatible, click here.

When leos and capricorns meet for the first time, they are immediately attracted to each other. These two people are typically beautiful, and they have reputations and appearances to maintain, of course. see a leo or a capricorn wearing shabby clothing and putting little thought into their appearance? never, ever. some might say they just woke up that way, but the amount of work leo and capricorn put into their look and style is massively underrated by the rest of the industry.

after the initial attraction wears off, leo and capricorn discover they have a lot more in common. these two are, without a doubt, the most optimistic signs of the zodiac. capricorn made sure that leo didn’t burn out, and leo made sure that they didn’t either. when capricorn sees leo’s determination, they say to themselves, “Wow, i could create incredible things with this guy.”. when leo is worried about capricorn, he says, “we should climb to the top together.”. leo is more mindful of their own lack of structure and understands that capricorn may conveniently and happily provide them with the structure and “plan” they need. capricorn is completely happy in a supporting capacity and, by the end of the day, they do what is better for the family.

leo and capricorn see each other as a means of fulfilling their hopes and wishes through someone else. leo makes up for capricorn’s lack of artistic potential in spades. capricorn makes up for leo’s lack of practicality by encouraging them to be realistic. however, there must be a compromise. if capricorn’s system slows down leo, they will lose confidence and feel caged and controlled. similarly, if capricorn thinks like their leo is too much like a wild child and that they cannot rely on them, capricorn would seek comfort in others.

let’s talk about feelings for a moment capricorns have two sides of them: their “hard” side, which is the face they present the world 83% of the time, and their gooshy af side, which comes out to play only with very special people, and even then, it’s uncommon. the issue is that leo is enamored of capricorn’s 17% gooshy af hand while wasting 83% of his time interacting with a stoic douchebag drained of feeling. if you have some capricorn or aquarius in your major three, you might be able to navigate this a bit better than anyone with a water moon. leo adores capricorn for just showing them their vulnerable hand, and capricorn adores leo for letting them feel comfortable enough to do so.

capricorns enjoy pleasing their leo mates physically, and leos enjoy being the object of focus in the bedroom. âĢľoh..,âĢĿ leo learns instantly. So capricorns are crazy freaksâĢĿ who get to play out all of their wild erotic dreams with the committed capricorn. do you want your butthole to be licked? make a call to the capricorn in your city. they’re the kingpins of the secret cult. let’s face it, they’re undercover for a lot of things.

these two overachievers have a deep admiration for one another. they appreciate each other’s greatness, and considering the fact that they live their lives in very different ways, the ultimate target is typically a big one that only these passionate lovers can fully grasp and strive for together.

have you ever been in a relationship with a leo and a capricorn? how did it work out? and let us know in the comments below.

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