What Are the Best Quality and Most Accurate Astrology Sites and Horoscopes?

i’ve come to see astrology as more than just a simple study of how the planets impact everyday life as a long-time horoscopes follower. daily readings regarding my star sign, taurus, have made me feel like i’ve grown. i’ve learned more about myself and why my personality characteristics are characteristic of taureans: driven, a creature of ease, and persistent at times.

Astrology is kind of like a religion for me

that’s it; i said it. and the numbers prove that i’m not alone. a 2017 pew research center poll showed that about 30% of americans believe in astrology. As The New Yorker points out, “scholar Nicholas Campion, the author of ‘Astrology and Popular Religion in the Modern West,’ argues, the number of people who know their sun sign, consult their horoscope, or read about the sign of their romantic partner is much higher.”

in unpredictable times, millions of people turn to astrology, and the number is expected to continue to increase. As The Atlantic explains, in a stressful, data-driven era, many people find comfort and insight in the zodiac — even if they don’t exactly believe in it.

i’m one of the many millennials and gen xers who devour this material. in my early thirties, i found solace in reading that my love life was unpredictable due to the location of planets in my position, according to astrology.

9 of the best horoscope sites

if you’re searching for sleek web architecture, you won’t find it on any of these pages, but i did delete a few others with out-of-control pop-up advertising. you may want to save this page to your favourites or add it to your digital calendar so you can come back to it every month.

Astrostyle by The AstroTwins

astrostyle.com is a website devoted to astrology

i recognize they’re a two-person team, but i have no idea how they do it. how come ophira and tali edut, identical twin sisters, are so prolific? in their own platform and for elle.com, they create regular, weekly, and monthly horoscopes for all 12 astrological signs, and they’re still so fun and well-written. this is one of the first websites i visit at the end of the month.

susan miller’s astrology field

astrologyzone.com is a website devoted to astrology

it’s no joke that susan miller is known as one of the world’s top astrologers. her monthly horoscopes, which she has been writing since 1995, are by far the best and most in-depth online. susan’s writing sounds more tailored to the reader, which is awesome, except for die-hard readers who like their horoscopes on the first of the month, a heads-up: susan is infamous for being late. she will not compromise consistency in order to reach deadlines, but she will keep you up to date on her publishing progress via twitter. you can even sign up for her regular horoscopes by clicking here.

Chani Nicholas

chaninicholas.com is a website devoted to chaninicholas

chani nicholas is a feminist astrologer from canada who combines radical politics, advocacy, and queer culture into her art. her email newsletters are well-written and include interesting illustrations, and her horoscopes have celestial playlists.

jessica lanyadoo is a character in the film jessica lanyadoo

lovelylanyadoo.com is a website devoted to lovely lanyadoo

jessica lanyadoo, an award-winning psychic and astrologer who has written for girlboss, glamour, and other magazines, provides informative and succinct weekly horoscopes. she also presents ghost of a podcast, a twice-weekly astrology and advice show.

sophie st. thomas’s allure astrology


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