Using the Sacral Chakra to Engage with your Sexuality

chakras are the energy centres of the body, according to ancient hindu, jainist, and buddhist healing traditions. – of the seven centers corresponds to a certain energy group and influences the direction of our spiritual lives.

chakra practice is beneficial to many physicians because it combines our physical and psychological interactions.

what does the sacral chakra entail?

if you do some chakra practice, you will almost certainly come across the sacral chakra. the sacral chakra is responsible for desire, fertility, affection, health, imagination, and joy and is situated just above the pubic bone. we will strengthen our relationships with ourselves and others while the sacral chakra is balanced.

Tim Rogers, LMT believes that the Sacral Chakra is particularly important to focus on due to our filtered culture.  bombarding us with representations of what sexy can look like and be like, our society has corrupted the consciousness of the second chakra. pornography may also take the place of genuine love and attachment. and there are no limits on how depression will shut down the second chakra; it’s a shame that trauma has stolen so many people’s very intimate and strong energy away

what are the signs that the second chakra is out of balance?

Practitioners like Tim identify the following as issues with the Sacral Chakra: lower back pain, lower gastrointestinal problems, decreased libido, isolative behavior, lack of creativity and passion, and addictive behaviors that numb and dissociate.

what would you do to boost the quality of your sacral chakra?

the sensual self is awakened by the sacral chakra. as a result, tim said, you can boost the balance of your sacral chakra by indulging in sensual pleasuresâĢĶand not just physical ones. Simple ways to boost the Sacral Chakra include eating a decadent meal, luxuriating in a hot bath, and enjoying a massage. the goddess pose, pelvic block, and hip circles will all help to enliven the second chakra physically. dancing will also help to awaken the second chakra, and it’s a lot of fun! not to mention the social side of this chakraâĢĶreaching out to loved ones and friends will help restore order.

what is the relationship between color and the sacral chakra?

the sacral chakra is synonymous with the color orange. this energy core can be strengthened by eating orange items, staring at orange things, or even wearing orange. client feedback has confirmed this effect, according to tim.

what are the benefits of strengthening the sacral chakra?

In Tim’s own words, “the Second Chakra can embrace all those things that make the sensual world wonderful and meaningful. We are living in bodies for only so long, so why not claim them and enjoy them as much as possible?”

what if i’m not interested in chakra work?

many people admire chakra work’s emphasis on mind-body healing, but they don’t feel particularly attached to chakra work. this is perfectly fine!

If you’re looking for therapies that hone in on your bodily sensations and how they are connected to your mental health, we highly recommend body-based therapies like trauma-sensitive Yoga and Somatic Experiencing.

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