The Saint Francis Prayer

the prayer of saint francis

the st francis prayer is a special blessing for people of all faiths and walks of life. this is an excellent prayer for all, particularly those in rehab, since it demonstrates how to live a life of service while being peaceful, joyful, and free.

in aa, the saint francis prayer is known as the 11th step prayer. the prayer is said at certain alcoholics anonymous gatherings, accompanied by a moment of meditation. the words in the prayer have such profundity and weight that we should ponder them for a while in order to truly comprehend their meaning. saint francis’ prayer is a spiritual principle-based approach to daily life.

what is the story of saint francis of assisi?

those of those in rehab may refer to the story of saint francis of assisi. in the year 1181, saint francis was born in italy. he was best known for his excessive drinking and gambling, as well as his lavish lifestyle. after getting into a war, he was kidnapped and held hostage for ransom. he came from a rich family and spent almost a year in prison waiting for his father to pay the ransom. he started to hear the voice of christ and establish a friendship with god through his time in prison.

saint francis began his life in the same way as most of us do in recovery: he was a sinner. he was a depressed adolescent who spent the rest of his life under the influence and was notorious for violating all the rules.

in 1202, a battle broke out between assisi and perugia, and the men of assisi were attacked. with little or no military experience, saint francis was captured by enemy soldiers and held prisoner for ransom due to his father’s fortune.

following his release from prison, he took an oath to live a life in poverty and to aid in the restoration of people’s trust in god. he spent the remainder of his days, still in his early twenties, assisting with the rebuilding of the christian church. saint francis has a lot of charisma which attracted a lot of people to him as he preached about restoring christian values to the church.

saint francis had strong moral ideals and was on a quest to emulate christ’s purity. he was 44 years old when he died on october 3, 1226.

he had an impact on the lives of thousands of individuals and has assisted in the spread of the gospel to those who are in need. saint francis’ story is nothing short of inspiring, and it is a real testimony to how god’s grace will revive someone in any condition to live a fruitful life of service. the saint francis prayer is a fine example of a life lived in submission.

God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the Called.

saint francis of assisi’s prayer

make me an instrument of thy goodwill, lord!

that i will bring love where there is hate.

that i will carry the spirit of reconciliation where there is wrongdoing.

that i will add peace where there is discord.

that i will bring truth where there is error.

so that i can put hope when there is skepticism.

that i will bring hope where there is despair.

that i will bring light where there are shadows.

that i may bring joy where there is sorrow.

lord, give me the ability to comfort rather than be comforted.

it is preferable to comprehend than to be comprehended.

it’s better to live than to be hated.

for it is by losing oneself that one discovers.

one is forgiven after forgiving some.

the only way to return to eternal life is to die.

—Saint Francis of Assisi—

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