The One Card Tarot Draw: 9 Ways to Read It

the one-card tarot spread is the easiest tarot spread available.

But simple doesn’t mean easy. in reality, drawing a single card and allowing it to stand alone requires certain unusual ability.

what precisely is a one-card tarot reading?

it’s a fairly clear method.

the one card tarot draw basically means that you only draw one card for the whole reading.

If the definition doesn’t come to you right away, the issue is that you don’t have any clarifying cards to justify it to you.

i advocate avoiding the temptation to draw more cards for this exercise.

instead, focus entirely on this card before its significance appears.

for a tarot reader, drawing a single card is like painting with a single tone.

it necessitates ingenuity, creative thought, and acute vision.

but you don’t have to be scared of the little card looking you down!  Take a look at these 9 ways to return the gaze.

1.  as a place of emphasis on a regular basis.

incorporate the single-card draw into your waking routine whether you have (or wish to start) a regular witchy morning ritual.

spend a few minutes trying to recall it.

and, when you go through your day, let it disappear into the background.

if it comes back to mind at some time, take care of it and remind yourself why.

in any case, at the end of the day, take another look at it before going to bed.  what position did this card play in your life today?  what relationships, circumstances, or challenges inspired the card’s imagery or meaning?

2.  dominance of colour.

remove a single card from the deck.  then, pay particular attention to the dominant hue.

use color magic to find out what the hue represents.

What does this mean for you, your life, and the people in it?

3.  spells from the tarot.

if you’ve never attempted tarot spells before, now is the time!

a single card acts as an outstanding focal point on the altar for drawing energy and strength to your spell.

choose a single card that corresponds to the target of your spell.

to help your purpose, fill the card with spices, seeds, stones, and other natural spell ingredients.

4.  For your puppy, draw a card.  (Or cat.  Or turtle.  Whatever).

okay, i understand this sounds stupid.

but, when you think about it, it’s a perfect way to pick up on the non-verbal, unsaid meanings that tarot cards often express.

it’s discreet, non-threatening, and a perfect way to interact with your animal friend.

What meaning does the moon card have for your chihuahua?  what about the queen of cups or the fool card?

5.  use it as part of the daily regimen.

Place your dream deck in front of your altar.

draw a single card and put it face down on the table.  concentrate on a single, small aspect.  anything unique and well-defined.  a single brush stroke, a shape, a flower.

Close your eyes and try to imagine the image.  Add more detail after you’ve seen it clearly.

it takes a lot of practice, but finally you’ll be able to “keep” more information in your simulation.

6.  as a starting point for your own spell book or grimoire.

Will you have writer’s block?

Draw a single tarot card as a writing guide for your book of shadows if you have a personal spell book.

by restricting yourself to one piece, you will obtain more perspective.

constraints, according to research, potentially promote innovative thinking.

7.  for the intent of dream perception.

start using a single card tarot draw to help you visualize your dreams if you like dealing through your visions for spiritual wisdom.

When you first wake up in the morning, this strategy is most effective.

by your room, hold a pen and paper or a blank book.

Write down any thoughts or impressions you had when you first wake up.  don’t forget even the tiniest details.

just as soon as you wake up, your dreams begin to disappear from your mind, so this as soon as you are awake.

you miss a lot simply by having a few moments to pass.

Draw a single tarot card after you’ve done.  examine how the card’s information, perceptions, or interpretations contribute to your dreams.

8.  as a platform for schooling.

memorizing the simple meanings of the cards is probably the most important aspect of getting to know the tarot deck.

rather than memorizing all of them at once, consider practicing one card at a time.

before you move on, devote to knowing everything you can about the card you’ve drawn.

look it up and come up with your own terms for it.

recognize that you aren’t drawing the card to read it, but rather to understand it.

this way, you can try adapting it to items other than yourself, and you’ll be able to start reading about others.

9.  the “one thing” started to grow.

draw one card to represent the single most important thing you need to focus on right now in your life.

you’re definitely on the right track if the card sticks out to you as clear.

Take the time to consider something about your life you may be missing that needs your attention if you find the card frustrating or vague.

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