The Card of the Day: The Queen of Cups

feelings are precious to the queen of cups because they show reality to us in bright colors. she is compassionate and loving, and she teaches her people to respect their own thoughts and feelings. sensitivity, according to the queen of cups, is a power, not a weakness.

we will experience laughter, passion, affection, happiness, and rapture thanks to our emotions. and when our emotions cause us discomfort, the queen of cups tells us to be thankful for them. after all, emotions bring meaning, colour, and dimension to life.

Will you have a hard time coping with your emotions? are you scared of being weak that someone or someone could affect you? can you hide your thoughts and say they don’t exist?

in the tarot, cups and water represent thoughts and emotions. the queen of cups entrusts her thoughts to the tarot’s most important chalice. her cup is decorated with angels and gilded in gold. the queen is enchanted by the elegance of her cup just by looking at it.

this indicates that she finds emotions to be private. she acknowledges their significance and importance because they bring colour and meaning to life. she is surrounded by colorful beach stones to highlight this idea.

if you’ve ever picked stones on the beach as a child, you’ll know that when they’re dry, they’re sort of beautiful, but not especially fascinating. when these stones are immersed in water, though, they come to life with vivid colors and textures. the stone’s vibrancy is exposed as it is immersed in water. Likewise, a dull or boring life, can reveal its complexity if you open yourself to feeling it, instead of being detached from it.

Most people these days are scared of feeling. ‘don’t be so sensitive,’ we’re advised, as if emotions made us frail. we are told to &;toughen up.&; this is particularly true for boys, who are advised that they must not be vulnerable or frail, while many girls are feeling this as well. The trouble with this, is that we all have feelings. When we suppress our emotions, we create an internal and external imbalance. we lose out on more “living” the more feelings are locked up, numbed, or not learned. Most people stop emotion because they think it would affect them. but this is all dumb paranoia chiming in once more. fear prevents us from having encounters that may bring us pleasure.

Follow the queen’s lead and search for elegance to taste the vibrancy of life. beauty elicits pleasurable emotional reactions. beauty allows the brain to pump pleasure-giving dopamine into the bloodstream, according to research. purchase roses or exquisite artwork for your home or office. Take time to enjoy the uniqueness of the natural world around you. it’s all over the place! check behind you for what seems to be “dull sand stones”. Take a look at these things from the eyes of your emotions. enable yourself to be carried away by the rapture of finding passion and beauty. enable the vibrancy of life to show itself to you.

the queen of cups is not one to conceal her thoughts. she embraces everything: positive, negative, pain, sorrow, passion, laughter, disappointment, hope, and satisfaction. she pours them into her holy chalice. she acknowledges these sentiments. they offer breadth, nuance, texture, colour, and sense to life.

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