The Card of the Day: The Lovers (Reversed)

the lovers are a metaphor for passion in all of its ways. this refers to your relationships with your partners, friends, family, and, most importantly, yourself. inner harmony and equilibrium are provided by the couples. they reflect the multiple facets of oneself that must be reconciled in order to restore focus. choices are also expressed by the lovers wallet.

it teaches us that if we want to see life through the lens of true love, we will cure any circumstance and liberate ourselves from pain.

can you find it tough to love yourself completely? are you ready to open your heart and be completely honest with yourself about who you are and how you feel? are you willing to agree and feel at ease with where you are right now in your life?

Under the caring eyes of an angel, the couples are taken together in a state of peace. they are fully nude and have no qualms about it. to please each other, they don’t need to “cover up” or “put on a front”.

the male locks his eyes on the girl. she, in fact, stares up at the angel through the clouds. the figures on the lovers card reflect the various facets of yourself that must be taken into equilibrium in order to find inner harmony and self-love.

your logical, worldly self is expressed by the man. this is the part of the self that functions in the “real world.” the male part of the self tends to rationalize everything. he is afraid of the unknown, but oddly drawn to the mystery represented by the woman on the card. status, power, and logic are all important to him. Despite this, he is inadequate on his own. he wants to interact with something much more important than what he will experience in the universe. this is something he finds in the girl. he is mesmerized by her appearance and gazes at her. he’s missing a bit, and she’s it. she is incredibly useful to him and acts as a daily reminder of what is really important in life. the male looks to the female for advice about what kind of person he should be in public. when a woman is hurt, it changes her understanding of her own worth.

the female reflects the mind, emotional complexity, and mental power. she is a compassionate and loving person. she is attracted to both elegance and warmth. she is caring and hopes for it to go smoothly. Despite this, she will be insignificant on her own. she has a deep urge to “avoid confrontation at all costs.”. this leads to a lack of limits, which exposes her to risk. there is no development without dispute. balance, recovery, security, and development are all qualities she needs from the male on the card. she still &;feels&; a bit too hard at times. this allows her to lose sight of the world outside her emotions. she must turn to the lord to heal the bruises on her tender heart and find peace.

your higher-self, or super-consciousness, is embodied by the angel. of sympathy, understanding, and empathy, he looks down on the diverse facets of the self. he sheds romantic light on both the male and female sides of himself. the angel’s face is overflowing with pure compassion and approval, not judgement. he doesn’t place judgement on them depending on who they act, what they do, how much money they have, or what happened in the past. a misty cloud has surrounded the couples. it’s not really convenient for multiple facets of the self to view it from a metaphysical perspective.

the lovers card’s gazing figures represent a recipe for inner harmony. to pursue peace and happiness, the “external” worldly self (male) must realize his true feelings (female). he has to be frank with himself about his emotions in order to make peace with them. the figures’ nakedness means that they are revealing everything. feelings of fear that have you covering stuff up in order to preserve an appearance are released. stopping at the realm of emotions, though, isn’t getting far enough. to repair the wounds that everybody inevitably creates, one must go far deeper inside for healing. this is the divine (angel) domain. perhaps the angel has the power to see it from a totally different viewpoint. the angel’s eyes are not hidden by any mud. only the inner spirit has the power to fully affirm yourself. there is nothing but compassion when you look at the absolute reality of who you are from the eyes of an angel.

we loose our unity as we dwell on only one part of our lives and lose sight of the larger picture. When we spend so much time ruminating about our thoughts, we lose sight of the world’s infinite possibilities. concerns over our social position or how we look to others will create an equal amount of misery. only by respecting yourself enough to go inside and search the happiness will you be free of pain. pursue your higher self. examine yourself in the mirror with smart, sparkling, luminous pupils. beyond the suffering, the angel lives further inside. self-love is extracted from the level where the angel lives. that’s how it’s handled.

it’s time to start enjoying yourself today. it might take some digging to find it, but it’s there, eagerly waiting. examine yourself from the mind of your inner-angel. and, with the same eyes, gaze at the rest of the world. this outlook will explain a great deal to you. instead of being upset by the acts of flawed humans wrapped up in their own pain, you can see how they have failed to be their best friend on that particular day. Much as you do now and then. With the love of the inner-spirit, look after yourself and others. this will rid you of all pain and get you back to a state of health.

When the Lovers appears reversed it’s time to re-establish unity in your life, technical, and familial relationships. this card reflects partnerships that are on the rebound. it also reveals that the stuff that irritate you about someone else are a result of an mismatch or detached aspect of yourself. on the lovers card, take care of the three numbers. they’re these different facets of you. they would all communicate with each other. When they are out of sync, an inconsistency exists, which will most likely present itself in the interpersonal relationships.

the lovers inverted invites you to explore some places of discord between you and another. Rather than being irritated with this guy, ask yourself, “what is this relationship struggle telling me about myself?”âĢĿ Why am i putting myself in this situation? what am i thinking?! People and circumstances that are difficult to work with are perfect teachers. frustrating people irritate us when they bring to light what we are reluctant to acknowledge or confront within ourselves. they show us our reflection, our polar opposite, the part of ourselves that we find impossible to respect or embrace.

the lovers have the key to overcoming both internal and external conflict: passion. acceptance is the first step. you won’t be able to fix your own heart if you’re busy blaming someone else (past or present) for your troubles. it is a choice to be sad because of someone else. you have no power over them, but you do have control over the balance you create within your own heart and mind. you will continue to see even the most annoying people in a different light until you chose to accept and let go of the root of internal conflict. they are literally educators. what are they really telling you about your life?

when the lovers are flipped, it’s time to rediscover your passion for life and let go of everything that is prolonging the pain. what feature of yourself used to bring you the most pleasure, making you feel powerful, healthy, and awake? don’t romanticize the past; instead, consider the facts it contains. when the lovers are flipped, it means that communicating with the overlooked parts of the spirit, skills, and skill would be the fastest way to inner harmony.

understand yourself first to heal your marriages.

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