The Card of the Day: The King of Swords (Reversed)

challenging firmly rooted convictions and thoughts

the king of swords seems to be a tough foe. In fact, for many he is the archetype of The Man (The societal structures that unconsciously direct us to assume our place). the king of swords encourages us to understand how our own beliefs could be influencing us.

allowing old, predetermined perceptions to affect the opinion of yourself or others unconsciously? do you feel constrained or unable to advance because you are a woman, a race, gay, weak, disabled, or actually think the odds are stacked against you? Will you make conclusions about people that are different from you before getting to know them?

we’re all living in a world full of stereotypes. We are unwittingly subjected to bigotry, misogyny, and phobias as adolescents, which affect our eventual view of the world. people are scared of something they don’t comprehend. it’s also disturbing for people to doubt a decision they’ve made for a long time. when the king of swords arrives, he puts your beliefs into touch with you. in order to learn, we need to question our assumptions every now and then. perhaps the expectations that need to be removed are myths of how far you can go and how much you can do that you are unintentionally embracing from social culture.

the king of swords isn’t a villainous figure. His real interest is preserving the security of the System. he says that keeping the course is superior to changing his mind. the king of swords can also represent a challenge in changing your mind on something that seems to be resolved. Despite the fact that the king seems to be unmoved, take a closer look… his throne is filled with butterflies. This represents that systems can be changed; assumptions can be transformed, and old divisions can be healed through understanding. the king of swords has the power to change his mind! the greatest mystery is that the king of swords is a part of us. this is the part that wants to open up.

what part of you is stifled? are you ignoring whole classes of people because they conflict with your point of view, religion, race, or other social identifier? what are some of the world’s calcified perceptions that you’d like to see changed? are you seeing these features in someone else?

you must first grasp set beliefs before you can change them. the king of swords reflects having a clearer view of problems so that you can draw rational points and drawing evidence-based conclusions. When the king of swords uses rational reasoning and logical claims, he is at his best. the king of swords will also turn up in the form of a loved one who tests your own values and expectations. they can say strange things and be factually inaccurate, but they do help to make you doubt your own assumptions.

a full-fledged âĢľbattleâĢĿ with the king of swords will never be won. he’s well-entrenched and well-armored. he may be a set individual, or he could represent a static entity or organisation. when the king of swords arrives, use clarification, proof, and reasoning to convince him. This King can change his mind, but only if it makes logical sense to do so.

If the King of Swords appears reversed, he is supplying you with information in order to help you solve a challenge. we always stay trapped with something that isn’t working and we don’t have adequate knowledge on what is actually conceivable. the reversed king of swords may be attracting your attention to established beliefs or views that need to be questioned. the butterflies on his throne have now relocated to the card’s foundation. this means you’ve started the process of letting go of old, self-limiting values.

the reversed king of swords is asking you to fight the temptation to focus on preconceived ideas about yourself or your choices without testing them. step out and be open to new things that aren’t really in your comfort zone.  for a day, put yourself in someone else’s shoes. instead of ignoring tough problems outright, approach them from a certain viewpoint. rather than ignoring something you don’t grasp, dive straight in and learn more! engage in dispassionate, reasoned discourse. prepare yourself by acquiring information.

the unexamined life is not worth living said the ancient greek philosopher socrates. we must all doubt our values, particularly about other people, from time to time in order to obtain knowledge. If this card is flipped, it means that previously set views are changing. new prospects are being available. enable yourself to be adaptable enough to allow your own experience to evolve.

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