Spiritual Bath: DIY Energy Cleanse

Have you ever had a run-in with someone where you get the strange feeling that something isn’t quite right or making you feel uneasy? what are those talks that have you completely exhausted? what are the talks or events that make you feel energised and alive? like when someone enters a room and everyone pays attention to them? that are the vibrational frequencies that we all emit on a continuous basis!

every day, we are exposed to a wide range of objects, circumstances, and events; we are continually soaking up implicit energies from these direct and indirect experiences. not just that, but our feelings, impulses, and vocabulary all send out their own energetic levels. since our own energy field is continuously absorbing and emitting vibrations, the energies we come into contact with would have an effect on our own body. our energy body is continually readjusting itself to get us back into balance, but the destructive energies we experience can also persist and build up over time.

it’s normal for our emotions and moods to fluctuate, so we rarely question whether the energy we’re experiencing is really our own; that’s why this diy energy cleanse is a fantastic exercise to incorporate into your self-care routine. as you relax and rejuvenate, this spiritual bath will help you expel the energy that isn’t helping you, cleanse your aura, and correct any emotional imbalances you’ve picked up. you should also look at the physical advantages!

The difference between a ‘spiritual bath’ and a regular bath

if you’re something like me, taking a bath isn’t anything you look forward to. showers are my favorite and preferred method of bathing because of their convenience and cleanliness. i still take meditative baths every now and then, focusing on calming my body as the water cascades down over me and down the drain. furthermore, even without the added purpose, daily baths or showers used for physical grooming do provide a feeling of calm and encourage general well-being. spiritual pools, on the other hand, are very distinct. they’re a spiritual grooming practice that cleans your personal energy body and revitalizes the sensitive senses. a holy bath will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and with a deeper sense of inner peace.

to devote 20-60 minutes of free time to this exercise, set aside 20-60 minutes.

Set The Space

often begin with a clean canvas. create room for the things you want to be surrounded by during this exercise by cleaning your bathroom, straightening your counter tops, and making space for the things you want to be surrounded by during this session. plants, stones, and candles should all be brought into this ritual with the goal of invoking a feeling of your desired energy cleanse.

if you’re diffusing essential oils, lighting candles, or smoking incense, choose a perfume to fill the air with during your holy soak. it’s all up to you; just make sure it’s a perfume that makes you feel good or makes you want to feel good.

select a sound to be played. during my workout, i enjoy listening to relaxing trance music or rhythms such as binaural beats. instrumentals (piano, wind pipes, singing pots, electric guitars, etc.) are preferable to songs with words. choose music that makes you feel relaxed when you hear it and adjust the sound to a degree that is comfortable and relaxing.

you can add or delete something from what has already been mentioned; trust your instincts and add or exclude what you feel called to. when arranging your room, always consider what makes you feel comfortable. you can use sage and palo santo at any point during the operation.

to make yourself more comfortable, fill the tub with warm water.

ingredients for a bath

energy that is clear

  • natural salt is one of the most effective additives for releasing any toxic debris that has accumulated in your body. pink himalayan salt, natural sea salt, and epsom salt are all excellent choices that are widely available. standard table salts can never be used because they contain anti-caking agents that have been refined to extract many of the beneficial minerals. use no more than a couple of decent handfuls.
  • baking soda is a combination of bicarbonate and sodium ions that dissolve in water and provides many physical and energetic advantages when bathed in. 14 cup to 2 cup.
  • lavender: boiling whole buds in water by using essential oils to encourage healing due to its soothing effect on the mind and emotions. use a sufficient amount to produce fragrance.

such spiritual bathing alternatives

  • fresh pink and red carnations, cooked in a pot of honey and coconut milk and squeezed to hold the liquid as bath ingredients, are said to help soothe a broken heart.
  • rose water: boil fresh red or pink rose petals until they are almost decolorized. allow to cool fully before adding to a warm bath to boost your mood and practice self-love. for more perfume, feel free to add any extra petals, new or dry, to your water.
  • herbs: herbs have been used as plant medicine for centuries, and there are many to pick from. here you’ll find a variety of solutions as well as their advantages.
  • if you don’t have time to prepare your supplies, you can buy ready-made spiritual bath sets by searching the internet.

significant note: when taking a spiritual bath, it’s important to have a strong idea. to remove steam, use salt or baking soda, and feel free to use essential oils for fragrance and additional benefits. For a further version of a sacred bath tradition, use other herbs, spices, and plants separately for their intended purposes.

Disclaimer: As always please consult with your doctor, I am not a medical professional and the information and techniques presented here do not constitute medical advice. healing and pharmacy are two very separate fields of study. nothing I’ve written here is intended to replace routine medical or psychiatric treatment, and you can still seek medical advice from a licensed doctor or nurse whether you’re sick or unsure about attempting some new health-boosting strategies.

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