Saturn Conjunct the Angles in Synastry——-Good or Bad or Both?

my mind is generally filled with nature, astrology, or reading. stephen king is a guilty pleasure of mine. i’m now reading “under the roof.”. if some of you have read it, as with most of king’s books, it is a world unto itself, but back to the subject. as saturn conjuncts the angles in synastry, it becomes very interesting. the ascendant, ic, successor, and mc are the angles. the viewpoints are highly unique. they are, in my experience, equivalent to one’s socks. it is kept close to the neck. the majority of people are oblivious to it. those that can see it have a special connection with one of them. When we ask about the ascendant and mc, as everybody sees, the comparison breaks down a little. nonetheless, they have a very unique and private feel about them. i hope this has been of assistance. let’s get down to it.

saturn may be a blessing or a curse, a blessing or a punishment, a reward or a task. saturn can be a caring yet stern father figure, or he can be a cruel taskmaster. the factor will be the distinction. saturn is the first in terms of the complicated dimensions. saturn is the smaller of the two planets. in terms of the subject of this essay, saturn conjunct the angles does not provide us with enough details to tell us about saturn’s position in the relationship as a whole. for the angles, we will see how it will turn out. that’s a lot of evidence, but it’s not enough to draw any assumptions about the relationship’s existence or viability.

Saturn Conjunct the Ascendant

the saturn individual will make the ascendant feel very happy. to the ascendant, the saturn individual can sound like a calming and stabilizing force. the ascendant, on the other hand, may feel suffocated or threatened by the saturn, but the rest of the synastry will tell us if this is the case. there will, however, be a bond formed between the two.

the ic is conjunct saturn
the saturnian may assume that he is the one who is attempting to instill consistency and wisdom in the ic. the saturnian will most likely be viewed as a father figure. it’s likely that the ic feels insecure. the saturn person’s parental drive might or may not apply to the ic person. to shape an opinion on this, one will need to see the whole synastry. however, there will be a friendship between the two.

the mc is conjunct saturn
the person from saturn can provide advice on the mc’s career and/or credibility. it’s likely that the suggestion would be accepted or refused. the advice may assist the mc in feeling more safe and confident in his work. the mc person may either praise or dislike the saturn person’s feedback. the whole synastry map will be needed to decide this.

the successor is conjunct saturn
the saturn person will want to force his will on the relationship’s conditions in this situation, which the descendant person may or may not like. the descendant may be driven by saturn to be more careful, particularly in terms of relationships. the saturnian, for example, may argue for a monogamous relationship. the descendant may feel loved and cherished, or he may feel caught in a rut or locked in an unwelcome vise. the remainder of the synastry map will show this.

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