Prayers to Overcome Fear, Anxiety and Stress

let’s face it, it’s a reality. fear, doubt, anxiety, and depression will appear at any point in our lives. is that correct?

What do you do as a parent if your children are late returning home? can you fall asleep through it? or can you walk the room, hoping they’re just late and nothing has gone wrong?. since terror and anxiety have taken hold of you right now.

it makes no difference whether you are concerned for your children or yourself.

it makes no difference whether your fear is small or big. fear is just that: terror. pain is pain, regardless of the source. anxiety is fear, and anxiety is anxiety.

Our planet is now in disarray as i type this. we’re in the midst of a vortex of confusion. our list of “what’s next” questions is never-ending. we’re at a loss about what to do. we’re not sure who to trust. and, i believe, death is our greatest intrinsic terror. death, either for ourselves or for someone we care for.

i recently published a blog post about âĢĺchoosing to rest.âĢĻ. please read it if you haven’t already. in the meanwhile, i’ve compiled a list of prayers for you to print. Cut them out and put them somewhere you’ll see them every day if you can.

there are prayers to recite whether you’re suffering from anxiety or depression. you should pray these prayers to make you stop thinking. When you’re feeling stressed, chant these prayers. especially if you’re alone, or if you’re getting panic attacks. there are prayers for you to recite in times of apprehension.

when i awoke one morning, god had sent me all of these anxiety and terror thoughts.

i went to my computer and wrote them all out while enjoying my tea and worrying about all of the anxiety, doubt, and loss of hope that everyone is experiencing. i couldn’t type quickly enough to keep up with the terms.

Here are a few examples:

  • thank you, lord.  father in heaven, you are so generous.  I am scared.  I am worried.  I am anxious.  i have no idea what will happen to me, my family, or my world. except in my own country.  Now, more than ever, i need your assistance.  i need you to hug me tight, lift me up, and curl your arms around me.  please inform me that you are here day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, and second by second.  That you love me.  That you have my back. in the presence of jesus. amen to that
  • enable me, heavenly father, to get through each day.  teach me not to be concerned.  please remind me not to be afraid. As it says in Philippians ‘Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.’  I am making my requests known to you right now. i need assistance.  i want your assistance. Thank you so much. amen to that
  • i come before you, lord. i’m putting my anxiety and insecurity at your feet. i ask that you assist me in overcoming all of my suspicions and worries while i feel devastated. please remind me that you are a mighty god. please remind me that i can put my faith in you. i’m well aware that i won’t be able to complete this task on my own. i want your assistance. i pray in the unrivaled name of jesus. amen to that

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