Prayers for Help: Desperate Prayers to God from Christians

thankfully for christians, the bible never states that we must be self-sufficient or depend on our own might. it also never states that we are to live happy lives, free of rivals and packed with just pleasure. god recognizes that life is full of challenges, suffering, and difficulties, and he desires for us to all depend on him. scripture makes us clear that adversity will come, but it also teaches us that it’s okay to be vulnerable and seek god’s support. what’s even better? god genuinely cares and is willing to help.

the following is a list of christian prayers for assistance:

  1. a prayer for god’s assistance in a difficult situation
  2. inventive+ phrasing. The Psalms Prayer of eL.P
  3. if you’re looking for a. The Prayer for Help that Comforts
  4. psalm 86 is a psalm written by david
  5. a prayer for help in times of illness

a list of important prayers for assistance is included in this article. this section, however, will not only cover christian requests for assistance, but will also look at scripture to see how god’s people begged for assistance and how he responded.

we’ve assembled a list of the best requests for assistance that we’ve come across. we hope that these prayers will inspire you as much as they have others.

1. a prayer for god’s assistance in a difficult situation

father, please accept my heartfelt condolences

you allowed your son to suffer a gruesome death on the cross in order to pay the ransom for our sins, and you have promised us everlasting life and access to your glory in his resurrection. oh, thank you, lord! may we know that you are lord above us in every case of our lives… may every challenge we face in this life lead us closer to you. today’s prayer is for our adversaries, conspirators, and rivals. we’re both flawed, and you love us all the same. help us to put justice at your feet and embrace healing and the spirit’s wisdom before we let go of our feelings.

it is right in our hearts to put you in charge. bless our hearts for turning to you for answers to questions that have us up against the wall. enable us to avoid rumor and speculation, accusation and unwarranted assaults on others’ integrity… when we are in trouble, remind us of the cross. christ triumphed over death in the most desperate of circumstances… we are not assured that this life will be simple or equitable, however you assure us of your presence and love. please give us the confidence to uphold your values. you are consistently excellent. amen, in jesus’ name

2. The Psalms Prayer of H.E.L.P

H. “Hear me lord and answer me for I am poor and needy.” (psalm 86 is a psalm written by david:1)
E. “Establish my steps in your word.” (Psalm 119:133)
L. “Let your compassion quickly meet our needs because we are on the brink of despair.”  (Psalm 79:8)
P.  âĢľgod, protect me because i seek shelter in you. I say to the Lord, You are my Lord, apart from You I have nothing good.” (Psalm 16:1)

3. The Prayer for the Help that Comforts

âĢľdear god, those days are far too difficult. at every step, i’m crying, suffering, and battling terror and anxiety. yet you haven’t left me to fend for myself in the middle of it all. please forgive me for doubting your presence. please forgive me if i mistook you for someone else. please forgive me for thinking i know how to do it differently. you are fully dependable. you are all-knowing and all-powerful. you should do it. no matter how complicated a case seems to be, you are lord of it. you are healer, and you will never let the pain i am experiencing today go to waste. through you, anything is possible. i pray for those who are grieving today as well as for myself. i beseech you to console those who are grieving. as you remind us, the enemy will never be able to take us out of your sight, so i pray for the grace of your presence to protect our minds and hearts. Amen.”

4. Psalm 86

“Listen to me, Lord, and answer me,
since i am powerless and frail.
since i am true to you, save me from death
i beg you to save me for i am your servant and i put my faith in you.

be merciful to me, for you are my father
All day long, i pray for you.
and, lord, make your servant happy
since you are the object of my prayers.
you are kind and compassionate to us
heart of unwavering love for all those who pray to you.

Listen, Lord, to my prayer;
hear my pleas for assistance.
in times of trouble, i turn to you
and you respond to my prayers…âĢĿ

5. a prayer for help in times of illness

âĢľdear jesus, divine physician and healer of the sick, in this time of sickness, i look to you. dearest comforter of the bereaved, with your tender compassion, relieve our anxiety and grief, and give us the grace and courage to bear this burden. we entrust our concerns to you. we beseech you to forgive your servant once more. above all, give us the grace to accept your will even though we don’t comprehend it. Amen.”

bible verses on asking for help

throughout the bible, there are many proofs of god’s assistance to mankind. the following verses will encourage you to check out more scriptures about god’s assistance and to recognize that god is the greatest helper in this world.

psalm 116:1-2 is a passage from the book of psalms

I love the LORD because he hears my voice and my prayer for mercy. i’ll pray as long as i have breath so he bends down to listen!

— Psalm 116:1-2

david cries out to god for assistance in psalm 116. we not only see a desperate plea, but we also hear god bent down to listen to him. the plea for assistance has been heard by god. later in the psalm, it is revealed that god saves david from death and sorrow because he called out to the lord and the lord answered him.

allow this scripture verse to serve as a reminder to you that god hears your pleas for support and will show grace in the midst of adversity.

isaiah 41:10,13 is a prophecy by the prophet isaiah

âĢĺdo not be afraid, for i am with you; do not be alarmed, for i am your god.âĢĻ. i will support you, indeed, i will assist you, and i will protect you with my holy right hand… for i, the lord your god, will take your right hand in mine and say to you, “fear not, i will assist you.”

— Isaiah 41:10,13

this verse urges god’s people to remain steadfast in their belief that god is their protector and savior. when we set our eyes on the fact that god will support us in times of need and adversity, we have nothing to dread. later in this segment, god vows that he will provide even in the most desperate of circumstances. âĢľwhen the poor and weak look for water and there is none,âĢĿ the lord said in verse 17, a prime example of this
i, the lord, will satisfy them when their tongues are parched with hunger. i, israel’s god, would never leave them

psalm 63:7 is a verse from the book of psalms

âĢľi will rejoice in the shadow of your wings for you have been my help.âĢĿ

— Psalm 63:7

this verse is a testament of god’s assistance to david. david has a tumultuous childhood full of adversity and tension. we should be helped to see that god is faithful in times of difficulty because david writes a testament to god’s assistance.

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