The Card of the Day: The Page of Wands (Reversed)

When it comes to nurturing abilities, persistence is key

aspiration is expressed by the page of wands. Despite the fact that he has not yet reached the heights of his elder family members, the warrior, queen, and king of wands, he possesses the same magnetic qualities. the page with wands signifies that you, too, share the characteristics you value of others you respect.

What do you look up to as a role model? what traits do they have that you wish you had one of? What would your life be like if you had enough of “that kind of energy”?”

the page of wands is decked out for his trip to egypt. his older brother, the knight of wands, persuaded him to confront his fears and bravely conquer the world. he’s wrapped in a brilliant yellow tunic, which is the most cheerful colour. a red plume adorns his cap, indicating his desire to be treated as he is by the world. he is dwarfed by the sword he wields.

it comes from his Dad, the king of wands, and he hasn’t quite matured to it yet. the wand reminds him of the warrior, queen, and king of wands, who are his role models. he is enthralled by the knight’s sense of adventure, the queen’s charm, and the king’s knowledge. by “comparing” their skills to his own, he doesn’t feel guilty for himself. this is because he understands that he, too, is born with the same power that powers those skills.

The very fact that you admire certain qualities in others is because you have those qualities in common. you, like the website, may still be working out how to represent these attributes. don’t want and “compare” yourself to other people’s skills, strengths, or accomplishments. instead, imagine the power “behind” those skills, and you’ll find that you’ve come to this world to grow the same qualities within yourself.

for eg, everyone who knows me well knows how much i love judy garland. i admire her talent, but i appreciate her relentless sincerity on stage even more. she took chances and played concerts until she died, all the time fighting profound fear and a vicious tabloid press that tried to break her apart every day to sell magazines.

this would be very difficult for her, but she would resolve it by cracking a joke and allowing people to laugh with her. she would go on stage aware that people were “judging her,” but she always had the confidence to sing right into the hearts of her fans. she helped her fans (whom she adored) cure their own problems with a song by vulnerably revealing her darkness in the open.

i’ll never be a artist again…… every day, though, i find myself trying to be more vulnerable and courageous. judy also encourages me to trust and believe in my skills, to share them freely, and to be my real self with others. i can’t let my fear of being judged for being gay, a tarot card reader, or being different deter me from wanting to interact with other people around the community. Despite my personal doubts, some days i feel more brave than others, and i also aspire to show my true self.

recognize the characteristics you admire most of your idols today, and see if you express this goodness. you and i share a lot in common.

When the Page of Wands appears reversed, when it comes to improving your skills, he reflects the value of being mindful and compassionate. the list of wands is overflowing at the seams with inventiveness. he’s a fiery character with a spirit that’s still thirty steps ahead of where he’s actually standing. when this page is flipped, he advises you to take it gently and appreciate what you’re learning. he may also recommend that you take a more methodical approach to meeting your targets. allowing your mind to run and drift uncontrollably is not a smart thing. you have immense creativity and imaginative energies at your disposal to achieve everything you want in life, but you must use it wisely.

the page of wands flipped also advises of comparing yourself to others’ successes and milestones if you don’t feel like you’re matching up. you’re walking your own course, with a lifetime of lessons adapted to your needs. comparing yourself against others’ travels is meaningless and useless. look for qualities of people you respect to fuel your fire rather than to stifle it.

try to aim for your dreams, but don’t hesitate to be patient and enjoy the current moment. one day, you’ll look back fondly on the journey of discovering your special talents.

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