Opening Prayer Samples for Your Christmas Party

one of the most joyous times of the year is christmas. the universe slows down, families surround each other in a loving hug, and the spirit of sharing pervades the fresh, cool air. it’s a far cry from the frenetic speed at which the universe moves the rest of the year. we know jesus is the reason for everything, not just the season, but all of our good fortune.

a christmas party is a wonderful way to toast the year’s milestones and achievements with friends and relatives, but don’t forget that your home will be filled with the joy and happiness of so many people you enjoy and care for. that is why i am composing this letter. for your christmas holiday, here are some sample opening prayers.

since the world is full of diverse kinds of people, each of which has a special relationship with god, these sample prayers fits a range of styles. as a result, some individuals may take a more formal approach to worship, while others may take a more casual approach. god knows your spirit, regardless of your personal style.

the below is the table of contents

  • opening prayers for christmas parties (examples)
    • prayer in the traditional sense
    • prayer that isn’t formal
    • Short Prayer
    • i’m hoping for a fantastic year
    • after a difficult year, pray
  • last but not least,

Sample Opening Prayers for Christmas Parties

this are some examples of christmas prayers that you and your family should adapt to your needs. If you’re looking for prayers specifically to family or for kids, check out Christmas Prayers for the Family and Short Christmas Prayers for Children.

i hope you find them to be beneficial.

Formal Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

i humble myself before you today to thank you for your support and for upholding your promises. i thank you not only for the good times, but also for your support through the difficult times. i am grateful for your goodness, mercy, and undeserved kindness that you have given me over the last year.

i pray for more blessings in the coming year, lord. i pray for healing where it is needed, consolation where it is required, and protection where it is required. we know that no achievements are possible without your blessing, so i propose that this christmas party honor you and celebrate your birth rather than it honors our own accomplishments.

i’m standing here today, praying in front of my family, not by my own will, but by your mercy and grace. i pray these words with gratitude in my bones. may the empire continue to rule indefinitely.  we pray in your honor, amen.

prayer that isn’t formal

thank you, lord

i’m not fine, so please bear with me if i can’t get the words to sound exactly the way i want them to. thank you for my family and the meals that you have provided for us. thank you for the laughs and happiness, as well as the opportunities you’ve given.

i’m sure there are a million more things i’m missing to thank you for, so please know that i appreciate it. i hope we have a wonderful day today, that i didn’t ruin the rice, and that my neighbors excuse me for parking on their lawn. lord, thank you. thank you, lord!

Short Prayer

thank you very much, jesus! i’m not a big talker, but you know what’s on my mind, lord. thank you for your support, my family, and my friends. lord, i pray for each and every one of you. thank you very much, jesus. amen to that.

i’m hoping for a fantastic year

your blessings have been plentiful and obvious, lord. you’ve made our cups overflow. there is no prayer i may give that would be adequate in comparison to the blessings you have bestowed upon us.

i appreciate each and every person who has come, as well as the blessing of their presence. i give thanks for their blessings and the riches we’ve reaped as a result of your undeserved kindness, mercy, and goodness.

lord, it is through your hands that we are saved, and it is through your hands that we experience goodness in our lives. we know we’ll never be able to repay you for the generosity and kindness you’ve shown us, so all i can do is humbly thank you.

i hope that no credit for any blessings you have channeled into me is offered to me. i hope that anyone who has learned from my efforts recognizes that it is all god’s doing. my hands would be hollow cups waiting to be filled if it weren’t for god.

we are only here today because of god’s goodness, in wealth, peace, and a comfortable home. through god continue to shine a light in our lives and hearts that is undeniably god’s goodness. Never mix up chance for god’s blessing.

i thank you again, lord, and i hope that anything we do will be for the sake of your kingdom. amen to that.

after a difficult year, pray

Dear Jesus,

Everyone in this room should accept that we need you now more than ever. To say the least, this year has been spectacular. you understand, lord. our family has been through some of the most trying times we’ve ever had, but i know you’ve been there for us. lord, i know you’ve seen us through the worst times.

i’m not sure what your strategy is, but i know you’re trustworthy, lord. you said in your word that you will âĢľgive beauty for ashes.âĢĿ today, lord, i lay all of our sorrow, heartbreak, and ashes before you in this prayer. i beg you to take them all away and bestow the most glorious and happy year upon us.

you said in your word that you cure the brokenhearted and that you patch up our wounds. a brokenhearted person stands before you, lord, but i stand high in the shadow of your wings. âĢľeven if i walk into the deepest tunnel, i would not be afraid because you are with me; your rod and staff are comforting to me.âĢĿ

this year has been tough, lord. i believe we should all agree on that. this christmas bash, on the other hand, is a celebration of what is yet to come. this christmas party is a thank-you for the convenience you have. this gathering is a statement that no matter what the enemy throws at this party, we will come together, love one another, and worship your name! we extol the glory of jesus! amen to that.

last but not least,

every year is unique. few years are greater than most, but benefits can still be noticed. if it’s in god’s grace through difficult times, or in endless blessings and good news. most years are in the centre, but god is in control of it.

start saying a christmas opening prayer this year. it could be a little unsettling if you’ve never done it before. many people who are new to public worship, i understand, might be apprehensive. just keep in mind that if someone who isn’t saved hears it, it’s an chance to teach them what a true friendship with god looks like.

you should demonstrate to them that life is about being grateful for what you have and being modest about your achievements (because they aren’t necessarily our accomplishments). many people are worried with an unsaved person getting hurt, and this does happen, so what do you have to be afraid of if you’re just saying positive things about them and about their lives?

i hope that these christmas party opening prayer examples have inspired you to not only say a prayer, but also to speak god’s grace over your case, your families, and your friends. Merry Christmas!

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