Morning Prayers for the Family to Start Your Day

your mood during the day is influenced by how you start the day. if you wake up grumpy and irritated, you’ll probably feel testy and unappreciative the rest of the day. however, starting the day off correctly with family morning prayers would undoubtedly have a good impact on the rest of the day.

starting the day with morning prayers sets the stage for the day ahead, when you follow god’s grace and encouragement. whatever you’re requestingâĢĶsafety, security, determination, or something elseâĢĶask for it first thing in the morning before being washed away by the demands of the day.

Morning prayers with your entire family are a rewarding ritual that allows you to devote your time and devotion to god. setting aside time with god is important, and doing so with your children will help to develop and reinforce their trust in god at a young age. it will also serve to improve your family bond and you will be focusing it on christ.

the below is the table of contents

  • points for morning prayer
    • for a new day, we give thanks
    • i’m praying for god’s blessing and intervention
    • pray for courage and discernment
    • make a prayer for family harmony
    • thanksgiving is a day to give thanks for the lives of your loved ones
    • pray for the ability to be a healthy family member
    • make a request for god’s blessings
    • Security for the family is prayed for
  • Sample Prayers
    • morning praise and thanksgiving prayer
    • family prayer in the morning
    • Morning Prayer for the Day
  • last but not least,

Morning Prayer Points

Our prayers are organized into prayer points. these are the thoughts we’d like to present to god. prayer points are often based on biblical values, claims, convictions, and affirmations. Some people use prayer points as a reference so that they can pray quickly without having to worry about their thoughts.

we’ve compiled a list of common prayer points that should be used in every family’s morning prayers.

Thanksgiving for a new day

let us rejoice and be glad in the lord’s day, which he has made.

118:24 in psalm 118

getting up to a new day is a gift in and of itself; don’t take it for granted. and give thanks to the lord for blessing you and your family with a brand new day to enjoy.

giving thanks to the lord first thing in the morning will hold you and your family full of grace and devotion, reminding you of the blessings you get every day.

i’m praying for god’s blessing and intervention

thy term is a light to my direction and a torch to my foot.

psalm 119:105 is a verse from the book of psalms

some days all we need is a gentle reminder that god is with us every step of the way. If you are anticipating a difficult day or your kid is dreading going to bed, don’t hesitate to lift it up to him. for you and your family to face whatever lies ahead, pray for god’s protection and guidance.

pray for courage and discernment

all these are possible for me because of christ, who gives me faith.

4:13 in philippians

there are many challenges and stumbling blocks that one can face in one’s life. and, on occasion, we can not feel like praying; this is all the more reason to pray for the family. begin the day with a group prayer for spiritual, physical, and mental support to get through the day. take this opportunity to pray god’s holy spirit to give advice to help you overcome these difficulties.

make a prayer for family harmony

bear with one another and, if one has a grievance against another, forgive one another, just as the lord has forgiven you.

3:13 in colossians

âĢľthe family that prays together, remains together,âĢĿ as they say. it’s also important to pray for the family’s courage and reconciliation. request that god be at the centre of your family’s life, and pray for the strengthening of your family’s ties.

have a prayer of healing for the members of the family who are now experiencing a rift. we can not always get along with our families, but at the end of the day, we should make peace and enjoy each other.

thanksgiving is a day to give thanks for the lives of your loved ones

children’s offspring are a shield for the elderly, and parents are their children’s joy

proverbs 17:6 is a verse from the book of proverbs

begin and day by thanking god for the lives of your loved ones. concentrate on the positive aspects of being a member of your family, and be thankful that god has rewarded you with them, whatever your differences.

pray for the ability to be a healthy family member

honor your father and mother such that your days in the land the lord your god is offering you will be long.

exodus 20:12 is a passage from the book of exodus

if you’re the mother, father, or boy, seek god’s help in becoming a good family member. Ask that you be a positive role model and a true parent who represents god’s heart for the kids. also, enlist his help in raising the twins.

for the girls, pray for god’s guidance so that you can be successful sons and daughters and contribute to the family rather than making problems. and, in the middle of a busy day, you bring joy to your friends.

make a request for god’s blessings

and according to the abundance of his majesty in christ jesus, my god will provide all of your needs.

Philippians 4:19

Ask and be grateful for god’s blessings and care for your family first thing in the morning. trust that he would provide you with the financial assistance you need, as well as much more, in order for your family to prosper.

Security for the family is prayed for

the lord’s security is the only defense you will provide to keep you and your family secure. before leaving your house and taking your family members to work or school, pray for god’s safety. request that he keep you and your loved ones safe from moral and physical hurt.

Sample Prayers

Morning Prayer of Praise and Thanksgiving

we thank you, lord god, for a brand new day and and day you have given each of us to love and be stewards of your creations.

thank you for each and every life in this world, and we are grateful for the family you have given us to show us your love and security. we thank you for providing us with caring parents who provide for our wants, provide for us, and love us unconditionally, as well as children who demonstrate true love like yours.

thank you, lord god, for the unwavering blessings you’ve bestowed upon us and for your unwavering devotion. we hope that each of us has a positive attitude during the day.

we pray in your honor. amen to that.

family prayer in the morning

god, our father, we thank you for the life you have given to each and every one of us. we appreciate you allowing us to celebrate and glorify you as a family this morning. – you instill in us a sense of reverence and everlasting love throughout the day, regardless of what lies ahead.

lord god, we beseech you to cover and defend this family with your son jesus christ’s most sacred blood. keep us safe from harm and lead us with your unfailing affection.

we also pray that you, o lord, remain the focal point of our home. allow your unwavering confidence to be the thread that binds and reinforces this family together. remind us of your love every day so that we can continue to be successful family members.

lord, bless each of usâĢĶthe parents of this householdâĢĶand grant us the patience and courage to be good leaders and providers for our families. Our god, bless the children and lead them to become your loyal and obedient servants.

we also hope for your many blessings, lord god; we believe you will never abandon us, and your grace overflows. we ask that you provide us with the means to provide a roof over our heads, shelter, and clothing for our children. bless us, dear father, so that as a family we will continue to be a joy to everyone.

lord, we praise and glorify your name. amen to that.

Morning Prayer for the Day

thank you, god the father, for a new dayâĢĶa new beginningâĢĶto worship you together as a family. thank you for the joys of family life, and for providing us with the lives of our parents and children, as well as the wellbeing of our bodies.

May you, lord god, give us your holy spirit to lead us to whatever lies ahead. we know you are with us every step of the way, and may you remind us of this if we get distracted by the ebbs and flows of the day.

we also ask that you give us the courage to keep going when we are afraid or tired. lord god, grant us the courage to face our fears and the patience to make decisions that are in accordance with your will.

may you, o lord, keep us safe today from harm and temptations, and help us to grow into individuals our families will be proud of. Today, god, bless us with your devotion and supply us with your eternal grace.

in the name of jesus, we ask for this. amen to that.

last but not least,

saying even a brief prayer at the start of the day is so vital, no matter where you are in life, what your challenges are, or whether you’re on the upside or the downside of the wheel. it’s much cooler if you can start the day with your buddies.

it doesn’t have to take up the whole morning to say a few fast morning prayers for and for your families. Close your eyes and join your family members in a conversation with god and lifting up your thoughts before him during your morning tea or coffeeâĢĶor perhaps during brunch.

your morning prayers don’t have to be long; they just have to be heartfelt. you would undoubtedly have a happier and more peaceful day if you consider saying a morning prayer for your family.

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