Indigo Aura Meaning: Understanding the Indigo Aura Meaning & Personality

intuitive is a term that comes to mind when describing someone who is. Honest. it’s a mystery. that are the terms that are commonly associated with people that have an indigo aura. they are considered to be entities that can bring a new life to the world. they bear with them notes and lectures for the rest of us to take in.

but what exactly is an aura, and how do you tell whether you or someone you meet has one?

in a nutshell, an aura is an invisible electric field that covers all living things. auras are believed to have colors associated with them, considering the fact that they are mostly invisible to the naked eye, and certain people are said to be able to distinguish the changing colors. a person’s aura colors will vary depending on their mood.

They can also indicate personality traits in general. however, detecting auras is an art rather than a science, and most people are unable to see them without the use of devices such as an aura camera.

note: this article is written in line with people’s spiritual views.

you may be confused as to what an indigo aura entails until you’ve decided whether you have one. indigo auras, in short, are considered to be highly intelligent, informative, vivid, and artistic powers. the hue has long been synonymous with psychic powers and a connection to mystical or otherworldly beings.

an indigo glow can be seen in someone who is wise beyond their years and has a better view of reality.

personality in an indigo glow

People with an indigo aura are also seen as ephemeral and intuitive, as previously mentioned. to those around them, they can seem to be a bit of a mystery. they do not, though, feel the same way about others. this color is commonly found in people who are highly sensitive.

This color’s perspective encourages trust and self-assurance in those who are attracted to it. some people claim that people with an indigo aura have had a prior existence and therefore have more life experience and understanding. “Indigo children” are thought to be young people with highly attuned psychic abilities who are bringing new energy into the world. they are considered to be on a quest to bring stability and happiness to those around them.

People with an indigo aura are considered to be highly intelligent, humane, and open-minded about love and relationships. they are known to be unconcerned with a person’s background, ethnicity, or sexual orientation as long as their partner is able to share new experiences. indigos’ intellect and trust do not appear as reckless decision-making, unlike other aura shades. Actually, it’s a bet that they’ll have plenty of time to make the best decision possible.

indigos’ mates and partners would be smart to take their friend’s counsel, as indigos have an unrivaled sense of intuition. While indigos make excellent leaders, they often go against the grain in the workplace. they hate being in charge of others and refuse to accept commands that go against their moral values.

indigo auras can be seen in self-employed individuals, freelancers, musicians, and others who are active working alone. When they are free to follow their dreams, this color’s imaginative fearlessness and integrity pays off.

chakras of indigo

the indigo aura, like most other aura patterns, refers to a specific chakra. Reinforcing this color’s link to the psychic, the chakra associated with indigo hues is the the chakra of the third leg.

chakras, in general, are considered to be energy points in the body that strengthen the mind-body relation, and the third-eye chakra is no different. This indigo chakra is also called Ajna which means “perceiving” or “command.”

the third-eye chakra is connected to the center of the forehead or hood, which is considered to be where the third eye is located.

there is benefits the following are known to be properties of an open third eye chakra:

  • a vibrant imagination is needed
  • the desire to recall one’s visions
  • visualization is great
  • intuition is a important weapon
  • There are some supernatural powers
  • mental fortitude and stamina

some people assume, however, that chakras can become blocked or unbalanced. it is assumed that if this happens, you will no longer be able to profit from the chakra. this chakra can need to be adjusted if a person loses contact with reality or is unable to concentrate.

eating dark blue or purple foods like strawberries, blueberries, or plums are popular ways to calm the indigo chakra. you may even meditate on stones that are the same hue as your chakra. amethyst, lapis lazuli, granite, and moonstone are among them. yoga and visualization are both important methods for maintaining harmony.

it may take some time to stabilize your chakra, and you will need to try a few different techniques. however, don’t give up! everyone is different, and if you stick with it, you’ll discover the approach that works for you.

spirituality of the indigo light

few people are known to fully grasp the mind and thoughts of those with an indigo aura. indigo auras are highly sensitive and are known to be attuned to higher worlds. they can serve as portals between this world and the next.

an indigo glow can be seen in individuals who have powers such as clairvoyance. this color is connected to a deep well of intrinsic wisdom as well as a feeling of greater meaning in life. indigo children, it is said, are also able to understand philosophical ideas that would be difficult for those their age, or even adults, to comprehend. they are considered to be modern age entities that will usher in a new period of peace and prosperity. if the rest of us will learn to listen to them, that is.

an indigo individual will meditate or literally close their eyes to communicate with the world and environment surrounding them while they are alone. they are said to have an inherent connection to higher planes. this may be the product of former lives or divine experiences that some have lost.

People with an indigo aura are known to gravitate toward religious activity or ministry. they can even find themselves in a place of support to others. Their willingness to do good and to be a part of something larger inspires them to bring as much love and empathy as possible in their lives.

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