How To Learn Astrology • Step By Step For Beginners

So you want to learn astrology– a symbolic language that describes the subjective human experience with seemingly miraculous depth and accuracy

have you ever tried to master a foreign language? in astrology, studying the planets, stars, and houses is equivalent to learning a foreign language– one focused on symbols rather than words.

you can’t begin with shakespeare, as you can’t with any other language. you must first understand the words, then the sequence that binds them. gradually, with practice, you’ll be able to learn and speak this new language more “fluently.”.

how do i begin researching astrology?

here are a few research tips that have supported me in the past

  1. create a collection of flashcards
  2. inventive+ phrasing. rehearse the fundamentals many times
  3. If you’re hunting for a. experiment on a number of maps
  4. consult an astrology guide
  5. attend gatherings with astrologers’ groups
  6. Using the astrological calendar as a reference

here are few more detailed recommendations.

1. create a collection of flashcards

astrology flash cards are a nice way to learn about the stars

When you participate in birth charts for beginners, you can get printable flashcards.

i prefer to use index cards that are 3âĢĿ x 5âĢĿ or 4âĢĿ x 6âĢĿ on one hand and blank on the other. Draw the symbol for the planet or star, or the house number, on the unlined side. create a list of keywords for that world, symbol, or house on the lined side. you can Start with the course’s keywords, andwhen you read more about astrology symbols and their meanings, you will refer to them

Creating your own flashcards is a perfect way to catch up on your knowledge of the planets, stars, and buildings.

you will use the cards to measure your knowledge of the names of the planets and signs, as well as other essential facts. you may also merge them to assist in map analysis.

let’s say the moon is in the sign of taurus. you’d take your moon card and pair it with your taurus card and see if the sign taurus affects the speech of the moon, which reflects your feelings and behaviors.

2. rehearse the fundamentals many times

studying your own birth chart, as well as the birth charts of the people in your life, is the perfect way to practice astrology. many maps, particularly those of your closest friends and family, may seem overwhelming at first, and that’s great. they’ll make better sense as time goes by. Continue to read maps, understand, and watch.

you’ll gradually move to more technical subjects such as dimensions, transits, progressions, and composite maps. you’ll begin contrasting your map to others’ and talking about relationship energetics. even, don’t forget to go into the fundamentals: bodies, marks, and buildings. any of these symbols has many degrees of interpretation. you’ll be a great map reader if you know more.

3. view a lot of graphs

you must practice if you want to improve your map reading skills. it’s close to learning to ride a bike: the longer you do it, the more intuitive it becomes.

at, you can get all the birth charts you want for free! the astrodatabank wiki provides a wealth of knowledge on public figures.

4. take a look at my beginner’s guide!

5. let’s talk about it

the majority of astrology enthusiasts enjoy coming together to share, practice, and explore their craft. seeking someone with whom you can “chat shop.”. attend a talk offered by the local ncgr or another astrological association (there are many). if you don’t have access to an astrology community in your city, consider joining one of the many online forums where people debate astrology at all stages.

6. have a firsthand look at it

you should observe and learn from the global dynamics revolving around us today and every day, regardless of your level of expertise. keep an eye on the astrological calendar to see what’s going on. this is a brilliant way to learn and you’ll be doing so much more than memorizing celestial energy keywordsâĢĶ you’ll be seeing it firsthand!

a map is represented in the graph

in astrology, any mark, sign location, house placement, aspect, and whizzbang represents an archetypal pattern of various manifestations.

newcomers to map analysis often search books and the internet to read about their symbols and placements. that’s a brilliant thing to do! however, you could come across a negative understanding and say to yourself, “Wow, i must be a bad guy.”. (i’m sure i did.)

however, i’ve come to realize the challenging items in your map reflect problems or inner tensions that need some effort to overcome.

the bad news is that you may have some of these negative qualities. the good news is that being conscious of your habits and becoming honest with yourself is the first and most critical step toward overcoming (or at least dealing with) the difficulties depicted in your map.

A good interpretation of your chart can light the way for you to create walking stones out of the stumbling blocks.

To sum up…

astrology is a interesting, nuanced, dangerous, and satisfying topic of study. It usually takes at least a few years and a whole lot of practice to get good at reading charts, so the first thing to remember is to enable yourself to be careful. i’ve been training since 1996 and I have a lot to say.

Time will fly by while you learn astrology, pick up new methods and insights, and work with the astrological calendar. One day you’ll realize, This is something you’re getting pretty good at. You’ll arrive at your own unique perspective on astrology based on the personal experience and understanding of the universe.

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