Horse Dream Meaning – What Does a Horse Represent?

What do horses reflect in your dreams, and what do they mean to you? i’ve had so many visions of horses over the years that i decided to look at what they might say.

horse dreams are reasonably common, and evidence indicates that females dream of horses more than males. (i imagine horse dreams are much more frequent for those of us who work with them on a regular basis!)

In general, a horse is usually seen as a positive symbol in a dream – horses can symbolise power, endurance and freedom; our personal drive and ambitions; passion, sex drive and libido. This, however, depends on the context and situations under which they appear in your dream, as well as the color of the horse. a horse, when interpreted negatively, may indicate that you are feeling restricted, that you are taking too many chances with your plans, that you are out of balance, or that your sexual impulses are overwhelming.

read on to learn the significance of horse dreams with some of the more popular examples, based on my years of experience…

Horse Dream Meaning of Brown Horses

brown horses may represent power, dominance over others, and shifts in our lives, such as the shedding of issues and problems. brown is synonymous with the soil and âĢĺgroundingâĢĻ spiritually, so a brown horse may also reflect the need to âĢĺgroundâĢĻ oneself in order to achieve the prosperity or liberation we desire.

white horses have a special meaning in horse dreams

white horses are thought to be a positive omen, since they symbolize beauty, harmony, and health. white horses in dreams will represent good relationships with others, a positive sex and desires relationship, moral understanding, and being at ease and moving with the flow of life.

black horses have a special meaning in horse dreams

is it true that if white horses are positive, a black horse must be negative? black horses will reflect intrigue, lies, turning negativity into positives, and going on, but not always. however, they may also indicate that you are excessively optimistic or sexually motivated.

wild horses are the meaning of a horse dream

wild horses may represent imagination, a desire for independence and adventure, as well as a sense of confinement. normal and sexual impulses that are out of control may also be represented by them.

the meaning of stabled horses in horse dreams

stabled horses may indicate that we are feeling confined or repressed in our lives by others. it’s all linked to how we communicate with people and how much influence we have over them, and it can reveal secret motives.

the meaning of a horse being controlled in a dream

in a dream, seeing a horse that is being held may indicate that you are feeling squeezed or repressed, or that you need to break free to regain your true self, allowing yourself to express yourself more openly.

riding a horse is the meaning of a horse in a dream

riding a horse in your dream represents your individuality or being in a position of control. it may also indicate that you have been deceptive or deficient in honesty in the search of personal gain. if the horse you’re riding in your dream is out of balance, it might mean you have uncontrollable expectations or sexual desires.

falling off a horse in a dream has a symbolic meaning

falling off a horse in a dream may mean that you need to reclaim control of your life in order to get back on track, as well as that you are in new terrain.

the meaning of a horse pulling a cart in a dream

work horses and carriage horses will reflect life’s struggles and problems, and the ability to embrace things as they are in order to move on.

the meaning of a sick or dying horse in a horse dream

dreaming of a sick or dead horse may indicate that you are experiencing problems in your life. taking on and meeting these obstacles would aid professional development.

the meaning of a dead horse in a horse dream

a metaphorical death of a partner, friendship, or circumstance in your life may be represented by a dead horse. dead horses may be a sign that you’ve lost your way or that you need to move on and make room for new possibilities. it could be time to let go of people in your life, as well as ambitions and things that no longer support you.

the meaning of killing a horse in a dream

in your dream, killing a horse might indicate that you need to take a good look at how you relate to others – you might be harming others close to you by being selfish.

if you’re a horse, what does your dream mean?

it can be a beautiful feeling to dream that you are the rider. it may be a sign that we have a deep need to communicate with our inner selves and impulses. the feeling you have when riding the horse, as well as the type/color of the horse, as mentioned above, would have an impact on the dream’s sense.

i hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the nature of horses in dreams… try to concentrate on the symbolism of your dream and how it applies to you and your life, and reflect on the good aspects

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