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Spiritual Bath: DIY Energy Cleanse

Have you ever had a run-in with someone where you get the strange feeling that something isn’t quite right or making you feel uneasy? what are those talks that have you completely exhausted? what are the talks or events that make you feel energised and alive? like when someone enters a room and everyone pays attention to them? that are the vibrational frequencies that we all emit on a continuous basis!

every day, we are exposed to a wide range of objects, circumstances, and events; we are continually soaking up implicit energies from these direct and indirect experiences. not just that, but our feelings, impulses, and vocabulary all send out their own energetic levels. since our own energy field is continuously absorbing and emitting vibrations, the energies we come into contact with would have an effect on our own body. our energy body is continually readjusting itself to get us back into balance, but the destructive energies we experience can also persist and build up over time.

it’s normal for our emotions and moods to fluctuate, so we rarely question whether the energy we’re experiencing is really our own; that’s why this diy energy cleanse is a fantastic exercise to incorporate into your self-care routine. as you relax and rejuvenate, this spiritual bath will help you expel the energy that isn’t helping you, cleanse your aura, and correct any emotional imbalances you’ve picked up. you should also look at the physical advantages!

The difference between a ‘spiritual bath’ and a regular bath

if you’re something like me, taking a bath isn’t anything you look forward to. showers are my favorite and preferred method of bathing because of their convenience and cleanliness. i still take meditative baths every now and then, focusing on calming my body as the water cascades down over me and down the drain. furthermore, even without the added purpose, daily baths or showers used for physical grooming do provide a feeling of calm and encourage general well-being. spiritual pools, on the other hand, are very distinct. they’re a spiritual grooming practice that cleans your personal energy body and revitalizes the sensitive senses. a holy bath will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and with a deeper sense of inner peace.

to devote 20-60 minutes of free time to this exercise, set aside 20-60 minutes.

Set The Space

often begin with a clean canvas. create room for the things you want to be surrounded by during this exercise by cleaning your bathroom, straightening your counter tops, and making space for the things you want to be surrounded by during this session. plants, stones, and candles should all be brought into this ritual with the goal of invoking a feeling of your desired energy cleanse.

if you’re diffusing essential oils, lighting candles, or smoking incense, choose a perfume to fill the air with during your holy soak. it’s all up to you; just make sure it’s a perfume that makes you feel good or makes you want to feel good.

select a sound to be played. during my workout, i enjoy listening to relaxing trance music or rhythms such as binaural beats. instrumentals (piano, wind pipes, singing pots, electric guitars, etc.) are preferable to songs with words. choose music that makes you feel relaxed when you hear it and adjust the sound to a degree that is comfortable and relaxing.

you can add or delete something from what has already been mentioned; trust your instincts and add or exclude what you feel called to. when arranging your room, always consider what makes you feel comfortable. you can use sage and palo santo at any point during the operation.

to make yourself more comfortable, fill the tub with warm water.

ingredients for a bath

energy that is clear

  • natural salt is one of the most effective additives for releasing any toxic debris that has accumulated in your body. pink himalayan salt, natural sea salt, and epsom salt are all excellent choices that are widely available. standard table salts can never be used because they contain anti-caking agents that have been refined to extract many of the beneficial minerals. use no more than a couple of decent handfuls.
  • baking soda is a combination of bicarbonate and sodium ions that dissolve in water and provides many physical and energetic advantages when bathed in. 14 cup to 2 cup.
  • lavender: boiling whole buds in water by using essential oils to encourage healing due to its soothing effect on the mind and emotions. use a sufficient amount to produce fragrance.

such spiritual bathing alternatives

  • fresh pink and red carnations, cooked in a pot of honey and coconut milk and squeezed to hold the liquid as bath ingredients, are said to help soothe a broken heart.
  • rose water: boil fresh red or pink rose petals until they are almost decolorized. allow to cool fully before adding to a warm bath to boost your mood and practice self-love. for more perfume, feel free to add any extra petals, new or dry, to your water.
  • herbs: herbs have been used as plant medicine for centuries, and there are many to pick from. here you’ll find a variety of solutions as well as their advantages.
  • if you don’t have time to prepare your supplies, you can buy ready-made spiritual bath sets by searching the internet.

significant note: when taking a spiritual bath, it’s important to have a strong idea. to remove steam, use salt or baking soda, and feel free to use essential oils for fragrance and additional benefits. For a further version of a sacred bath tradition, use other herbs, spices, and plants separately for their intended purposes.

Disclaimer: As always please consult with your doctor, I am not a medical professional and the information and techniques presented here do not constitute medical advice. healing and pharmacy are two very separate fields of study. nothing I’ve written here is intended to replace routine medical or psychiatric treatment, and you can still seek medical advice from a licensed doctor or nurse whether you’re sick or unsure about attempting some new health-boosting strategies.

How To Create Your Own New Moon Ritual

to make meaningful changes in your life and engage with yourself on a deeper level, create your own unique new moon routine.

a new moon is an excellent way to check in on yourself and consider what changes you want to make. Over time, doing a new moon ritual every month will help you gain new experiences, make changes, and manifest new things in your life.

for almost a decade, I’ve been using the moon cycles to set goals and release old habits. i use the new moon and full moon in particular to evaluate how i’m feeling and what i’d like to improve, do, or see more of. the new moon is particularly conducive to introspection, reflection on the previous month, re-centering, and setting new goals in order to become more balanced with our daily lives.

intentions are different from expectations in that they are about how you want to act and go through your day. goals are more abstract, while objectives are about how you want to feel and move through your day. to set our goals, i believe it is important to set aside time and space to gain insight and clarity. rituals are a lovely way to pamper yourself while still giving yourself time to listen to your instincts and find out what you want.

what’s the point of starting a new moon ritual?

consider the new moon in the black sky (find out the exact date and time here): the moon is perfectly aligned with the sun and isn’t apparent in the sky. this is the cycle’s celestial blank canvas. the moon will continue to rise in steady increments from today until it reaches fullness, then wane back down to dusk, then fresh.

the moon is our compass, assisting us in expanding and contracting in a steady pattern. you’re told to check in with yourself, your instincts, and your goal if you see or hear about it.

doing something that is both unique and relaxed for you is the secret to making your own routine. it will pull you out of the moment if you’re doing something that doesn’t feel right, or if you find yourself flipping through your phone for half the time to read directions âĢĶ just trust your intuition and do what feels normal. you want to build a beautiful room that looks like it belongs to you.

a ceremony may consist of a few easy steps and a few tools (more on that later). it’s something you can concentrate on to get you back to the current moment.

it’s all in the balance

have as many or as few options as you’d like to find a balance that sounds good for you. incorporating the four elements earth, air, fire, and water is a good place to proceed.

earth is a planet a herb, feather, rock, salt, crystals, or stones may all be used.

it’s all in the air it may be incense, jazz, or essential oils diffused.

Fire a lamp, candy, or anything with bright colors such as red, green, purple, or gold may all be used.

the element of water it might be water or something that reminds you of the sea, such as a coral.

if you want to keep it plain, a candle may be used to represent the four elements (solid wax represents earth, air flickers the flame, molten wax represents water, and fire is self-explanatory). experiment to see what you want, or take the temperature of the day to determine what you want. if the new moon falls in a water sign, for example, you should pay special attention to that part.

stay in the moment and don’t overthink what you’re “supposed” to do; instead, trust your instincts and do what feels good at the time. you can make it as straightforward or as complex as you want.

the fundamentals of ritual

  1. a comfortable and peaceful place to relax
  2. you will have about 20 minutes to yourself
  3. (it’s probably overkill to say this, but it’s important!)
  4. a notebook and a pad
  5. Nourishment. get something easy and filling for yourself. that can be a cup of tea, hot chocolate, a large glass of wine, or a fast, plant-based meal.

add-ons are optional

  • Cleansing plants like rosemary, mugwort, cedarwood, palo santo, or sage (I recommend making your own dried herb bundles or buy them from Mountain Rose Herbs — which sources herbs responsibly)
  • candles (for a basic candle magic rite, see below)
  • Crystals
  • Essential oils/Incense
  • Music to set the mood
  • tarot cards are a type of deck
  • epsom salts in a hot bath

here’s how i work:

choose a time that works for you

if necessary, on the evening of the new moon on the next day. choose a day when you will be alone and unaffected for at least 20 minutes.

prepare the time

switch on the music that makes you happy (i like to make my own new moon playlists or go with an artist i’m feeling at the time). prepare a warm drink or snack and light several candles and a salt lamp for a low-lit ambiance.

gather your diary, any crystals you’re dealing with, and/or a tarot or oracle deck you’re using.

make yourself at home and relax down

to cleanse the room, burn rosemary, mugwort, a bay leaf, or your favorite herb, and/or use an essential oil spray. i like to wash my hands before sitting on the sofa with my favorite blanket on my lap and a bottle of water or tea nearby.

meditation is a technique for calming the mind

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. For at least 10 seconds, focus on the air, allowing emotions to come and go, and just stay with yourself for a few minutes. consider the dark skies and how you’d like to rise with the moon in the coming month.

Ask & write it out

questions to ponder: how am i really feeling? what am i still working on from the previous cycle? what has changed in me in the last month? what did i discover? what piques my interest at the moment? what am i seeing as a roadblock? what is it that i am hankering for right now? what am i really in need of at this point in my life? what would be the overarching focus of this cycle?

keep a record of the comments. writing, particularly with a pen and paper, is a magical experience in and of itself. it allows our minds to filter information in a different way than just thought.

Check in on your tarot decks, if you have them, or read your monthly tarotscope if you need a little guidance looking deeper into what’s coming up for you.

Based on how you’re feeling and any new thoughts you’ve had, you should set an goal for the month ahead. don’t worry if nothing comes up for you during everything ritual; this is absolutely natural.

sleep on it and return the next day or two to fix your goal as it comes to you naturally.

there’s something magical about candles

If you want to get down with some witchy thing, try this simple candle magic set up:

  1. place a white candle in a little bowl of water together with a touch of sea salt or sand (the wick and top of the candle should be safely above the bath, of course). it should be lit.
  2. in one little sheet of paper, write what you’re letting go of, and on the other, write what you’d like to grow.
  3. set them on fire one at a time, and dip them into the water until they’re almost burnt out/you’re worried about burning your eyes.
  4. take a deep breath and hold the candle burning until the ritual is complete.

ground to a powder

enjoying a snack or drink, relaxing outdoors, or taking a bath are all good ways to relax.

hot chocolate made from oat milk

cacao, oat milk, and reishi mushrooms are combined in this simple and soothing hot chocolate.


reishi, also known as the queen healer mushroom or the longevity mushroom, is believed to help with stress relief, mental health, and the body-mind-spirit bond.


this take on hot chocolate is the perfect partner for digging deep into practical habits and goal building, thanks to the addition of heart-opening cacao. cacao is said to assist in the connection to the higher self, the alignment between masculine and feminine powers, and the improvement of objective comprehension.

  • 1 to 1 1/2 cup hot oat milk (or other milk)
  • 1 heaped tablespoon cacao powder or ceremonial cacao*
  • 2 teaspoons maple syrup or 1 day
  • 1/2 teaspoon reishi mushroom powder
  • a pinch of kosher salt
  1. in a blender, combine the hot milk and the remaining ingredients and mix on high until smooth and frothy. Serve hot.

*cacao laboratory creates my favorite ritual cacao blends, which come in four flavors that equate to the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water.

Angel Number 111 Spiritual Meaning


you’re not going insane, because it’s not a mistake if you’ve been seeing a sequence of repeated numbers everywhere  Take this as a literal SIGN from your angels, spirit guides & the Universe and they are trying to get your attention with these clues and messages.  these repeated numbers can appear as the day, on a license plate, on a road sign, as a phone number, as the sum due on a bill, as the size of a file on your device, as the number of instagram messages you have, and so on  By whatever means possible, the universe will deliver these messages to you! Take this as a sign you’re on the right path, your prayers have been heard, and you’re heading in the right direction.  – of the numbers has a different meaning, particularly when the same number is repeated many times.

the significance of 111

have you ever heard the phrase, “everything you bring into the universe returns to you?”âĢĿ the number 111 denotes that whatever emotions, feelings, acts, and energy you are releasing is manifesting in your life right now!  this number is a gentle message from your angels that if you have a strong, constructive outlook, you will be able to meet all of your goals.  Let any feelings or thoughts of fear go, sending it off the Universe for healing.  the person, object, or circumstance you want to attract must be an energetic match to your energy…coming back to you like a magnet, according to the law of attraction!  feeling and practicing happiness is a perfect way to gain more of what you want in life.  the pulse of appreciation has a ripple impact, the wealth and bringing all of life’s blessings to you!

the number 111 is made up of the numbers 1 and 11, and it represents new beginnings, inspiration to move forward, take bold initiative, achievement, freedom, and leadership!  now is a wonderful time to accept your creativity and just do you! this is a message from the universe that you can take some time to communicate with your higher self, the part of you that always knows what is right for you and is a direct link to source.  taking the time to focus on yourself will show whether you have any patterns or values that no longer represent your best interests, and clearing them out will make room for something different and exciting to enter your life!  the number 111 has a strong resonance and is a sure sign of spiritual rebirth, personal development, and expanding the intuition.

Have confidence in knowing that this energetic portal has opened up for you and things will seem like they are happening at a rapid pace.  it’s important to stay focused, conscious, and hopeful of your thoughts and feelings.

keep a log of every time you see this number, and write down what you were thinking about at the moment.  this will provide insight on how to proceed and what you will need to do in order to attract more wealth and blessings into your life!  Relax, trust, and know that the Universe and angels support your spiritual development and lightwork, and that all you desire will be revealed in perfect Divine timing.

Start your day right with this powerful morning prayer

do you realize how much god enjoys it when you talk to him? when you set up time in the mornings to focus on him.

a morning prayer is the perfect way to start the day!

My voice You shall hear in the morning, O LORD; In the morning, I will direct it to You, And I will look up.

psalm 5:3 is a verse from the book of psalms

david understood the importance of beginning his day with a morning prayer, not just for himself but also for god. jesus did the same thing. according to mark 1:35, jesus got up really early in the morning when it was still dark to pray.

what is the significance of morning prayer?

a husband and wife were visiting relatives in another province. they were eventually on their way to their destination after many delays. since a blizzard was approaching, the roads were shrouded with snow, and fewer and fewer vehicles were on the road for each passing hour.

they didn’t want to leave, so they wanted to carry with their journey and try and get ahead of the blizzard. they continued driving for a few more hours before losing control of the car and ending up in a ditch in the middle of nowhere. there was no mobile phone service, no vehicles on the road, and no town within driving distance.

in the midst of a blizzard, they were stranded in a gorge.

they were discovered safe and sound a few days later. just in case, the wife had brought extra blankets, clothes, and food. she was able to rescue herself and her husband because she was prepared.

so, how does this tale relate to morning prayer?

You have no idea what the day will hold when you first open your eyes in the morning. morning prayer helps you brace for whatever comes your way. it strengthens both your bond with the father and your spirituality.

what is the most effective morning prayer?

then you will come to me and talk to me, and i will listen to you. when you search me with all of your ears, you will find me.

jeremiah 29:12-13 is a passage from the book of jeremiah

the most effective morning prayer is one that comes from your heart. prayer should not be something you do on a regular basis, nor should it be something you feel obligated to do. your meditation should be focused around your need to converse with god.

when we pray, jesus ordered us not to repeat ourselves in vain. why is that?

he is looking for a friendship rather than religion. he asks you to open your heart to him and tell him what’s on your mind (pray).

it’s fine to have a prayer guide for the reasons you want to pray about, just make sure it’s YOUR thoughts, not anyone else’s.

use the morning prayer as a reference to help you get the day off correctly and stay focused and prepared for whatever comes your way.

Using the Sacral Chakra to Engage with your Sexuality

chakras are the energy centres of the body, according to ancient hindu, jainist, and buddhist healing traditions. – of the seven centers corresponds to a certain energy group and influences the direction of our spiritual lives.

chakra practice is beneficial to many physicians because it combines our physical and psychological interactions.

what does the sacral chakra entail?

if you do some chakra practice, you will almost certainly come across the sacral chakra. the sacral chakra is responsible for desire, fertility, affection, health, imagination, and joy and is situated just above the pubic bone. we will strengthen our relationships with ourselves and others while the sacral chakra is balanced.

Tim Rogers, LMT believes that the Sacral Chakra is particularly important to focus on due to our filtered culture.  bombarding us with representations of what sexy can look like and be like, our society has corrupted the consciousness of the second chakra. pornography may also take the place of genuine love and attachment. and there are no limits on how depression will shut down the second chakra; it’s a shame that trauma has stolen so many people’s very intimate and strong energy away

what are the signs that the second chakra is out of balance?

Practitioners like Tim identify the following as issues with the Sacral Chakra: lower back pain, lower gastrointestinal problems, decreased libido, isolative behavior, lack of creativity and passion, and addictive behaviors that numb and dissociate.

what would you do to boost the quality of your sacral chakra?

the sensual self is awakened by the sacral chakra. as a result, tim said, you can boost the balance of your sacral chakra by indulging in sensual pleasuresâĢĶand not just physical ones. Simple ways to boost the Sacral Chakra include eating a decadent meal, luxuriating in a hot bath, and enjoying a massage. the goddess pose, pelvic block, and hip circles will all help to enliven the second chakra physically. dancing will also help to awaken the second chakra, and it’s a lot of fun! not to mention the social side of this chakraâĢĶreaching out to loved ones and friends will help restore order.

what is the relationship between color and the sacral chakra?

the sacral chakra is synonymous with the color orange. this energy core can be strengthened by eating orange items, staring at orange things, or even wearing orange. client feedback has confirmed this effect, according to tim.

what are the benefits of strengthening the sacral chakra?

In Tim’s own words, “the Second Chakra can embrace all those things that make the sensual world wonderful and meaningful. We are living in bodies for only so long, so why not claim them and enjoy them as much as possible?”

what if i’m not interested in chakra work?

many people admire chakra work’s emphasis on mind-body healing, but they don’t feel particularly attached to chakra work. this is perfectly fine!

If you’re looking for therapies that hone in on your bodily sensations and how they are connected to your mental health, we highly recommend body-based therapies like trauma-sensitive Yoga and Somatic Experiencing.

Yellow Butterfly Symbolism and Dream Meaning

the significance of the a bright pink butterfly ranges from country to country. let’s read more about the origin and meaning of the yellow butterfly!

table of contents

  • what is the significance of a yellow butterfly in terms of esotericism?
  • Yellow Butterfly Meaning and Symbolism
    • yellow butterflies have a spiritual meaning
  • what do you had a dream of a yellow butterfly?
  • what if you’re surrounded by a yellow butterfly?
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what is the significance of a yellow butterfly in terms of esotericism?

it is a map and a symbol of hope for certain native american tribes.

a warm and cheerful summer is symbolized by a fluttering butterfly. it is a symbol of happiness and imagination, as well as a reminder to have fun.

it brings peace and fortune as it flies around you. doing that also means that something interesting and enjoyable is on the way.

some people believe that if you see one, you will find happiness soon.

if it arrives on you, you will experience a significant positive difference in your life; you will feel more optimistic and have a clearer sense of self.

this essay will assist you in learning more about this lovely being, as well as its meanings and symbols.

Yellow butterflies represent a new life in many cultures. they also symbolize longevity, good fitness, good fortune, and genuine wealth. gold is bright, and golden or yellow butterflies are symbols of prosperity and happiness. a yellow or golden butterfly may also represent “new life,” “transformation,” or “rebirth.”

if the first butterfly you see in the new year or season is pink, you will soon learn about a child’s birth.

it reflects the desire between two lovers’ hearts in chinese culture.

if the first butterfly seen in the spring is black, it is thought that you will have a fever or that a plague will strike the whole family in england. others, on the other hand, see it as a warning to be cautious in order to avoid illness.

some people claimed they were the spirits of children who died early, and that they embodied the afterlife. others said they were the ghosts of mothers who died while giving birth.

it was a metaphor for the soul in early christianity. according to some irish stories, they are simply dead souls sleeping happily in the afterlife.

the arrival of a golden-yellow butterfly is regarded as a positive sign in scotland and ireland.

If a gold-colored butterfly is seen near a dead person’s resting spot, it is thought that the deceased’s soul is in a lovely location, such as heaven.

a golden butterfly seen by a dying person is a sign of the person’s everlasting happiness.

in psychoanalysis, it generally represents transition, regeneration, restoration, and rebirth, as well as lightness of being and pleasure.

they’ve also been given meteorological interpretations.

flying about signifies the arrival of a warm and cheerful season.

some people say that seeing one in the autumn foreshadows the yellowing of the tree leaves within a week.

there are also several negative connotations.

when a sailor saw one, it meant that he would perish on his voyage, according to ancient cultures. it may also be seen as a cautionary message to be more careful.

Spiritual Meaning of Yellow Butterflies

as previously said, these butterflies are a symbol of optimism for certain native american tribes.

a yellow butterfly, such as the papilio machaon, cleopatra butterfly, or golden butterfly, represents rebirth, regeneration, or new life.

some people believe that if you see one, you will find happiness soon. and if it falls on you, predict a major shift in your life.

an experience with this kind of butterfly will also indicate that your outlook will change dramatically in the near future, and that you will become more optimistic and have a clearer sense of self.

it represents transition or regeneration in general, and, like most butterfly symbology, it also represents restoration and rebirth.

what do you had a dream of a yellow butterfly?

they have been synonymous with success since the dawn of time.

the symbolic meaning of one’s representation is tied to their brief life cycle; dreaming of one will provide one with a glimpse of fleeting happiness.

in mystical terms, this cycle is somewhat similar to the human cycle.

they reflect their own transition, that of the dreamer’s own identity, heralding the arrival of greater things and circumstances.

as a result, you can take advantage of the brief period of stability to go on a hike in the woods and concentrate on any problems or changes that might occur. you’ll be able to use them to your advantage this way.

what if you’re surrounded by a yellow butterfly?

a yellow butterfly landing on you or floating around you means you’re about to get good news, meet new friends, appreciate better socioeconomic opportunities, gain success, riches, accomplish your aspirations, and witness positive improvements

it is a symbol of peace, love, and hope. it indicates that you will shortly find a spiritual master or gain instruction that will assist you in changing your life or solving a problem.

another interpretation is that something wonderful will occur, such as a drastic transition, a marriage, a new friendship, unforeseen assistance, the birth of a child, a regeneration, the start of a new life, the end of bad luck, or the end of the suffering.

angels also speak with us through them, and they share us divine news. when you see a butterfly around you, it may be a message from your guardian angel or spiritual mentor. the appearance of a butterfly is impossible to dismiss, so consider it a powerful comment.

some believe the butterfly to be a sign of rebirth, while some believe it to be the source of a deceased person’s spirit. in reality, there is an old irish proverb that says, “butterflies are the souls of those that have passed through purgatory.”.

butterflies, in any case, are effective divine messengers. it is always left to the translator to determine the true interpretation.

so pay heed to this divine message the next time it crosses your path. this indicates that you are about to get a very important call!