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Opening Prayer Samples for Your Christmas Party

one of the most joyous times of the year is christmas. the universe slows down, families surround each other in a loving hug, and the spirit of sharing pervades the fresh, cool air. it’s a far cry from the frenetic speed at which the universe moves the rest of the year. we know jesus is the reason for everything, not just the season, but all of our good fortune.

a christmas party is a wonderful way to toast the year’s milestones and achievements with friends and relatives, but don’t forget that your home will be filled with the joy and happiness of so many people you enjoy and care for. that is why i am composing this letter. for your christmas holiday, here are some sample opening prayers.

since the world is full of diverse kinds of people, each of which has a special relationship with god, these sample prayers fits a range of styles. as a result, some individuals may take a more formal approach to worship, while others may take a more casual approach. god knows your spirit, regardless of your personal style.

the below is the table of contents

  • opening prayers for christmas parties (examples)
    • prayer in the traditional sense
    • prayer that isn’t formal
    • Short Prayer
    • i’m hoping for a fantastic year
    • after a difficult year, pray
  • last but not least,

Sample Opening Prayers for Christmas Parties

this are some examples of christmas prayers that you and your family should adapt to your needs. If you’re looking for prayers specifically to family or for kids, check out Christmas Prayers for the Family and Short Christmas Prayers for Children.

i hope you find them to be beneficial.

Formal Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

i humble myself before you today to thank you for your support and for upholding your promises. i thank you not only for the good times, but also for your support through the difficult times. i am grateful for your goodness, mercy, and undeserved kindness that you have given me over the last year.

i pray for more blessings in the coming year, lord. i pray for healing where it is needed, consolation where it is required, and protection where it is required. we know that no achievements are possible without your blessing, so i propose that this christmas party honor you and celebrate your birth rather than it honors our own accomplishments.

i’m standing here today, praying in front of my family, not by my own will, but by your mercy and grace. i pray these words with gratitude in my bones. may the empire continue to rule indefinitely.  we pray in your honor, amen.

prayer that isn’t formal

thank you, lord

i’m not fine, so please bear with me if i can’t get the words to sound exactly the way i want them to. thank you for my family and the meals that you have provided for us. thank you for the laughs and happiness, as well as the opportunities you’ve given.

i’m sure there are a million more things i’m missing to thank you for, so please know that i appreciate it. i hope we have a wonderful day today, that i didn’t ruin the rice, and that my neighbors excuse me for parking on their lawn. lord, thank you. thank you, lord!

Short Prayer

thank you very much, jesus! i’m not a big talker, but you know what’s on my mind, lord. thank you for your support, my family, and my friends. lord, i pray for each and every one of you. thank you very much, jesus. amen to that.

i’m hoping for a fantastic year

your blessings have been plentiful and obvious, lord. you’ve made our cups overflow. there is no prayer i may give that would be adequate in comparison to the blessings you have bestowed upon us.

i appreciate each and every person who has come, as well as the blessing of their presence. i give thanks for their blessings and the riches we’ve reaped as a result of your undeserved kindness, mercy, and goodness.

lord, it is through your hands that we are saved, and it is through your hands that we experience goodness in our lives. we know we’ll never be able to repay you for the generosity and kindness you’ve shown us, so all i can do is humbly thank you.

i hope that no credit for any blessings you have channeled into me is offered to me. i hope that anyone who has learned from my efforts recognizes that it is all god’s doing. my hands would be hollow cups waiting to be filled if it weren’t for god.

we are only here today because of god’s goodness, in wealth, peace, and a comfortable home. through god continue to shine a light in our lives and hearts that is undeniably god’s goodness. Never mix up chance for god’s blessing.

i thank you again, lord, and i hope that anything we do will be for the sake of your kingdom. amen to that.

after a difficult year, pray

Dear Jesus,

Everyone in this room should accept that we need you now more than ever. To say the least, this year has been spectacular. you understand, lord. our family has been through some of the most trying times we’ve ever had, but i know you’ve been there for us. lord, i know you’ve seen us through the worst times.

i’m not sure what your strategy is, but i know you’re trustworthy, lord. you said in your word that you will âĢľgive beauty for ashes.âĢĿ today, lord, i lay all of our sorrow, heartbreak, and ashes before you in this prayer. i beg you to take them all away and bestow the most glorious and happy year upon us.

you said in your word that you cure the brokenhearted and that you patch up our wounds. a brokenhearted person stands before you, lord, but i stand high in the shadow of your wings. âĢľeven if i walk into the deepest tunnel, i would not be afraid because you are with me; your rod and staff are comforting to me.âĢĿ

this year has been tough, lord. i believe we should all agree on that. this christmas bash, on the other hand, is a celebration of what is yet to come. this christmas party is a thank-you for the convenience you have. this gathering is a statement that no matter what the enemy throws at this party, we will come together, love one another, and worship your name! we extol the glory of jesus! amen to that.

last but not least,

every year is unique. few years are greater than most, but benefits can still be noticed. if it’s in god’s grace through difficult times, or in endless blessings and good news. most years are in the centre, but god is in control of it.

start saying a christmas opening prayer this year. it could be a little unsettling if you’ve never done it before. many people who are new to public worship, i understand, might be apprehensive. just keep in mind that if someone who isn’t saved hears it, it’s an chance to teach them what a true friendship with god looks like.

you should demonstrate to them that life is about being grateful for what you have and being modest about your achievements (because they aren’t necessarily our accomplishments). many people are worried with an unsaved person getting hurt, and this does happen, so what do you have to be afraid of if you’re just saying positive things about them and about their lives?

i hope that these christmas party opening prayer examples have inspired you to not only say a prayer, but also to speak god’s grace over your case, your families, and your friends. Merry Christmas!

Prayers for Help: Desperate Prayers to God from Christians

thankfully for christians, the bible never states that we must be self-sufficient or depend on our own might. it also never states that we are to live happy lives, free of rivals and packed with just pleasure. god recognizes that life is full of challenges, suffering, and difficulties, and he desires for us to all depend on him. scripture makes us clear that adversity will come, but it also teaches us that it’s okay to be vulnerable and seek god’s support. what’s even better? god genuinely cares and is willing to help.

the following is a list of christian prayers for assistance:

  1. a prayer for god’s assistance in a difficult situation
  2. inventive+ phrasing. The Psalms Prayer of eL.P
  3. if you’re looking for a. The Prayer for Help that Comforts
  4. psalm 86 is a psalm written by david
  5. a prayer for help in times of illness

a list of important prayers for assistance is included in this article. this section, however, will not only cover christian requests for assistance, but will also look at scripture to see how god’s people begged for assistance and how he responded.

we’ve assembled a list of the best requests for assistance that we’ve come across. we hope that these prayers will inspire you as much as they have others.

1. a prayer for god’s assistance in a difficult situation

father, please accept my heartfelt condolences

you allowed your son to suffer a gruesome death on the cross in order to pay the ransom for our sins, and you have promised us everlasting life and access to your glory in his resurrection. oh, thank you, lord! may we know that you are lord above us in every case of our lives… may every challenge we face in this life lead us closer to you. today’s prayer is for our adversaries, conspirators, and rivals. we’re both flawed, and you love us all the same. help us to put justice at your feet and embrace healing and the spirit’s wisdom before we let go of our feelings.

it is right in our hearts to put you in charge. bless our hearts for turning to you for answers to questions that have us up against the wall. enable us to avoid rumor and speculation, accusation and unwarranted assaults on others’ integrity… when we are in trouble, remind us of the cross. christ triumphed over death in the most desperate of circumstances… we are not assured that this life will be simple or equitable, however you assure us of your presence and love. please give us the confidence to uphold your values. you are consistently excellent. amen, in jesus’ name

2. The Psalms Prayer of H.E.L.P

H. “Hear me lord and answer me for I am poor and needy.” (psalm 86 is a psalm written by david:1)
E. “Establish my steps in your word.” (Psalm 119:133)
L. “Let your compassion quickly meet our needs because we are on the brink of despair.”  (Psalm 79:8)
P.  âĢľgod, protect me because i seek shelter in you. I say to the Lord, You are my Lord, apart from You I have nothing good.” (Psalm 16:1)

3. The Prayer for the Help that Comforts

âĢľdear god, those days are far too difficult. at every step, i’m crying, suffering, and battling terror and anxiety. yet you haven’t left me to fend for myself in the middle of it all. please forgive me for doubting your presence. please forgive me if i mistook you for someone else. please forgive me for thinking i know how to do it differently. you are fully dependable. you are all-knowing and all-powerful. you should do it. no matter how complicated a case seems to be, you are lord of it. you are healer, and you will never let the pain i am experiencing today go to waste. through you, anything is possible. i pray for those who are grieving today as well as for myself. i beseech you to console those who are grieving. as you remind us, the enemy will never be able to take us out of your sight, so i pray for the grace of your presence to protect our minds and hearts. Amen.”

4. Psalm 86

“Listen to me, Lord, and answer me,
since i am powerless and frail.
since i am true to you, save me from death
i beg you to save me for i am your servant and i put my faith in you.

be merciful to me, for you are my father
All day long, i pray for you.
and, lord, make your servant happy
since you are the object of my prayers.
you are kind and compassionate to us
heart of unwavering love for all those who pray to you.

Listen, Lord, to my prayer;
hear my pleas for assistance.
in times of trouble, i turn to you
and you respond to my prayers…âĢĿ

5. a prayer for help in times of illness

âĢľdear jesus, divine physician and healer of the sick, in this time of sickness, i look to you. dearest comforter of the bereaved, with your tender compassion, relieve our anxiety and grief, and give us the grace and courage to bear this burden. we entrust our concerns to you. we beseech you to forgive your servant once more. above all, give us the grace to accept your will even though we don’t comprehend it. Amen.”

bible verses on asking for help

throughout the bible, there are many proofs of god’s assistance to mankind. the following verses will encourage you to check out more scriptures about god’s assistance and to recognize that god is the greatest helper in this world.

psalm 116:1-2 is a passage from the book of psalms

I love the LORD because he hears my voice and my prayer for mercy. i’ll pray as long as i have breath so he bends down to listen!

— Psalm 116:1-2

david cries out to god for assistance in psalm 116. we not only see a desperate plea, but we also hear god bent down to listen to him. the plea for assistance has been heard by god. later in the psalm, it is revealed that god saves david from death and sorrow because he called out to the lord and the lord answered him.

allow this scripture verse to serve as a reminder to you that god hears your pleas for support and will show grace in the midst of adversity.

isaiah 41:10,13 is a prophecy by the prophet isaiah

âĢĺdo not be afraid, for i am with you; do not be alarmed, for i am your god.âĢĻ. i will support you, indeed, i will assist you, and i will protect you with my holy right hand… for i, the lord your god, will take your right hand in mine and say to you, “fear not, i will assist you.”

— Isaiah 41:10,13

this verse urges god’s people to remain steadfast in their belief that god is their protector and savior. when we set our eyes on the fact that god will support us in times of need and adversity, we have nothing to dread. later in this segment, god vows that he will provide even in the most desperate of circumstances. âĢľwhen the poor and weak look for water and there is none,âĢĿ the lord said in verse 17, a prime example of this
i, the lord, will satisfy them when their tongues are parched with hunger. i, israel’s god, would never leave them

psalm 63:7 is a verse from the book of psalms

âĢľi will rejoice in the shadow of your wings for you have been my help.âĢĿ

— Psalm 63:7

this verse is a testament of god’s assistance to david. david has a tumultuous childhood full of adversity and tension. we should be helped to see that god is faithful in times of difficulty because david writes a testament to god’s assistance.

Green Aventurine Meaning + Healing Properties

that life is a shambles! Look no further than green aventurine if your luck has just hit the fan and you’re looking to turn it around.  carrying a piece of this crystal in your purse, bag, or on your altar would bring you wealth, achievement, happiness, and good luck.  the most common color of aventurine is green, which varies from light to dark green and can be mistaken for green jade when polished.  aventurine comes in a variety of shades, including red, brown, yellow, green, and silver.  while the different colors have several spiritual parallels, we will focus on green aventurine for the purposes of this blog today.

this lovely crystal emits a caring, soothing energy that helps people cope with fear, frustration, and depression by breaking old ties and habits of behaviour, allowing them to move on with joy, confidence, happiness, enthusiasm, inspiration, and a positive outlook on life.  this crystal aids in the emergence of these energy structures in the biofield’s etheric, sensory, and emotional bodies (also known as the aura layers).  green aventurine is said to assist you in moving forward with courage, particularly when working through difficult conditions, on this roller coaster ride we call life!  it motivates us to step on, accept transition, and live in the now. even when things sound out of our reach and negative, using this crystal will make you see life from a different viewpoint – the ‘positive side.’.  Many who use green aventurine will meditate and use it to manifest before starting a new project, asking for a raise at work, going on an audition, and finding solutions to working with difficult people- especially family & friends.

On a physical level, green aventurine is believed to ease conditions relating to the circulatory reproductive & nervous systems, such as the heart, lungs, and thymus, encouraging fertility, and healing those recovering from surgery.  green aventurine is thought to aid in the treatment of a variety of skin disorders, including acne and eczema.

start meditating with green aventurine in one hand and translucent quartz in the other to intensify the desire you want to manifest if you need a little extra luck.   green aventurine pairs well with quartz crystals, as a bonus.  so the next time you read your affirmations aloud, hold a piece of blue quartz in one hand and a piece of green aventurine in the other.  other applications for this crystal include sticking a portion next to your mobile phone or laptop to reduce emf emissions and other contaminants from the atmosphere.  you might also tuck it into your pillowcase or keep one close to your bedside as you sleep.  after all, we spend half of our lives in bed, so why not reap the rewards of sleeping next to the crystal’s lovely energy?

if you use this crystal in feng shui, it will get the elements of earth and water into your home.

capricorn and pisces are two zodiac signs synonymous with amber.

Questions for the Tarot: How and What to Ask in a Tarot Reading

to me, tarot reading is more about asking the right questions than it is about receiving the “correct” response.

crafting the right questions will make a lot of difference if, like me, you’re using the cards to sort yourself out rather than forecast a particular outcome or do fortune telling. you will set an goal for your reading by asking the tarot questions. they help you figure out Why is that? you’re doing what you’re doing. And once you figure out why you’re looking for guidance, whether you’re pulling cards for yourself or consulting a professional reader, you’re able to receive messages more openly.

you can’t go wrong with “how do i…” and “what can you teach me about…”

These two questions leave things open for interpretation. and you need this degree of honesty for the types of readings i do in order for the cards to show what’s going on within you (or what’s going on in your querent’s mind/heart). through asking questions like “how do i…” and “What can you teach me about…”, you can tap into your instincts and draw from deep inside. Sure, these questions are a lot tougher to answer than simple Yes/No inquiries or “when” questions (I don’t do timelines), but easier isn’t always better when it comes to tarot. digging is a necessary aspect of the job.

start with “what do i need to know when you just want a reading” or want to draw cards for yourself but don’t have any questions”

When you’re feeling particularly confused about everything in life, it can be tough to know where to even start. it can be difficult to come up with questions to ask your reader if you’re new to tarot and have never had a reading before. when this happens, just ask yourself, “what do i need to know?”” This inquiry is super open and will allow your intuition to immediately rise up to the occasion. If you ask a question like this and grab a card, the first thing that comes out of your mouth when you see the picture or interact with the card’s catchphrase will almost always lead you to what needs to be answered right away.

it should be all about you. i still avoid answering questions that get through another person’s mind for two reasons: one, it’s intrusive, and two, it takes the attention away from who the reading is aboutâĢĶyou.

I’m a big proponent of readings that serve to empower people—messages that remind you that even in really impossible situations, you can probably figure out a way to connect to your autonomy and agency. when you ask questions like, “what does she think about me?” or “how does she feel about me?”âĢĿ or âĢľwhat does he think of me?âĢĿâĢĿ you’re giving up all of your strength (along with losing valuable time).

the tarot is a reflection. it represents the inner workings of our minds and hearts.

If you pull a card trying to figure out what a person thinks of you, the message you’re actually receiving is what you think the person thinks of you. that’s a lot to take in! laugh out loud. You want a reading to come back to you in order for it to be useful and inspiring. You can ask why what this person thinks of you is so important. you should inquire as to what image you are most likely to give off, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of doing so. you might also inquire as to how you’d like to be seen by some and what that entails. all of these issues bring you back into the forefront and provide you with strategies for dealing with a breakup and reclaiming your independence.

it’s just just about what’s going to happen “in the future” on outcome cards

the “plan” or “outcome” cards are used to illustrate options in past present future readings or issue advice result spreads. it’s similar to flipping on waze and seeing all of the various routes that are open. if you believe in fate or a predetermined path for all of us, i believe it is crucial to understand that there are several paths to where we can go next. and the wonderful thing about empowering tarot readings is that they teach you many paths to take to get where you want to goyou have the option to choose

every question that yields a hard yes or a hard no is my short and dirty guideline on when not to ask.

learning not to ask yes or no questions requires time and practice. People automatically revert to this kind of inquiry whenever i post free readings on instagram posts. a yes or no answer gives you a predetermined result, which i don’t believe in. giving a simple yes or no removes the control from a case. saying yes or no, in my opinion, is a cop out because it stops you from going further. what is normally more critical than a yes or a no iswhy regardless, the question is being asked.

when someone asks me a yes or no question and i’m feeling snarky, i immediately return the question and wonder why they’re asking it in the first place.

this isn’t to say that i don’t sometimes get intuitive hits with a timeline or a preference for a yes over a no (or vice versa).

Sometimes, I’m shuffling cards for someone and then I just get a feeling that—yup, it might be better to wait things out at your current job for three months or so… or nope, it just feels like you’re better off doing x rather than y. these intuitive hits can be triggered by something i see in the cards, but most of the time they are simply my intuition speaking to me.

When this happens, I always clarify that I’m speaking directly from intuition and not anything else. people reading the cards, in my opinion, should make it clear so that the person they’re reading for understands that it’s an emotional effect rather than a predetermined result. isn’t it true that we’ve all had that “i have a dream” feeling? much of the time, it’s illogical, but trusting your gut instinct often contributes to the positive. if you phrase your answer in this way, you’re at least being straightforward while still telling the person you’re reading about that the next course of action is actually up to them.

i hope that this article has clarified any misunderstandings you might have on how to prepare questions for a reading. regular draws, in my opinion, are the perfect way to evaluate this form. every day, simply ask yourself, “what do i need to know?”And take one card from the deck. rather than being fatalistic, whatever response you get helps to reflect something about your day that you can concentrate about and care about.

Free Tarot Reading Online Accurate

Gain Clarity With A tarot card reading for free Online Accurate

if you’ve never had one before, or if you’re not sure if they’ll fit for you, getting a tarot reading might seem intimidating. fortunately, we have a free online tarot card reading for those interested in learning more about their future.

a tarot card reading will provide you with answers to any life questions you may have, as well as provide insight and clarification to any present or possible challenges you may be facing. we have many professional and passionate tarot readers at crystal clear psychics who will help you get those crucial answers and more with a free online psychic reading.

we’ll go into what the tarot is, what you might expect from a tarot reading, how love tarot works, and how to get your tarot reading love on our platform in this post.

what exactly are tarot cards?

tarot cards are a form of occult playing cards that are now commonly used for divination. they were first used as playing cards in the 15th century, but they would slowly evolve into the card decks we know today.

cartomancers with perceptive talents started using them to host royal parties in the 18th century, or would train in private to find answers to their major questions and problems. their usage would gradually spread across much of the western world, which is how much of the Western world is now aware of them.

hundreds of thousands of tarot readers use the deck on a regular basis around the world, and it is one of the most common tools a psychic can use in a reading. however, many people are also suspicious of them because they don’t appreciate the card definitions.

there’s no need to be scared, because they will help you improve your life and experiences in a variety of ways.

what goes into creating a tarot deck?

to comprehend the meanings of tarot cards, you must first understand the tarot. the major and minor arcana are the two key sections of a tarot deck. the major arcana is made up of 22 cards with no suits, like the fool, death, and the lovers. but for the fool, who has no name, they are all numbered from i to xxi in roman numerals. in a tarot spread like the celtic cross or the passion tarot set, both are worked with.

the minor arcana is made up of 56 cards, divided into four suits of 14 cards each, equivalent to a standard card deck. there are ten numbered cards and four court cards (king, queen, knight, and jack) in each suit. cups, wands, pentacles, and swords are the minor arcana’s uniforms.

when you look at typical tarot decks, you’ll notice that they almost entirely consist of major arcana cards, with no numeral cards. there are many different types of modern tarot decks to choose from, including ones based on sex, career, and family. they feature stunning artwork and similar illustrations in a number of different formats, and there are many different types of modern tarot decks to choose from.

many tarot interpretations can be found online, but it’s safest to have the card reader view each card individually so they can be viewed in a variety of ways based on the tarot card spreads.

what is the procedure for getting my free online tarot reading?

to get your tarot reading, just scroll down and type in the question you’d like answered before clicking send!

hopefully, after reading this post, you will realize that tarot cards are not as frightening as they seem, and that they are a strong method of divination for exploring different potential possibilities. online tarot does not accurately forecast the future; instead, it provides advice and insight in various areas of your life

Free Tarot Reading

do you have a concern that has been worrying you or a problem that has left you feeling unsure? why not take advantage of our no-cost card reading service? to get your reading, type your question in the box and press the bell.

Star Children. Are You an Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow Child ?

children of the stars. Find Out if You Are Indigo, Crystal or rainbow child is a fictional character

In a previous article, the offspring of the new millennium are indigo, we spoke about the main characteristics and abilities of the indigo is a color that can be used in both children and adults this is what we discussedStar Children Class, in order to get a greater understanding of their own actions and role in the moral development of humanity.

Our social, educational, and behavioral systems must be prepared to embrace unique children and assist them in fulfilling their purpose on earth. Other two star child types incarnated on earth alongside the indigos: crystal and the rainbow kids

each of the three groups, indigo, crystal, and rainbow, has a distinct feature. the indigos’ mission is to deconstruct the western thought model. the fractured model will serve as the crystals’ base. Finally, the Rainbow`s purpose is to complete the final stages of the foundation that the Indigo and the Crystal children have made.

indigo adults and indigo children

Indigo`s mission on this planet is to mash down old systems that no longer serve us and that restrict us to evolve to a higher vibrational level. indigo children incarnated on this world with their warrior spirit to overthrow the legal and educational institutions we were all taught to believe in. their common goal is to eliminate something that compromises our dignity.

the world was created for crystal and rainbow children by indigo girls.  the indigos are like a huge “bolt” that was sent to get us to a higher consciousness level. they are temperamental and have a fiery resolve.

the majority of their aura is blue. this is the colour of the ajna, or third eye. ajna controls the ability to see light and ghosts, as well as the ability to see dreams.

children of the crystals

the crystal children are extremely intuitive and spiritual, which they share with indigos. they are happy and balanced. crystal children lack the warrior mentality that indigos possess. This is the reason Indigos had to come earlier, to “prepare” Earth for Crystal`s arrival, to cut down everything that lacks integrity. Crystal children, with their delicate nature, came on the  path created by Indigos,  a clear and safe environment.

the big, piercing eyes that hypnotize you are the first thing a crystal child notices. they are both joyful and compassionate people, making them the perfect generation of lightworkers.  they are glorious beings from the light family who have come to earth to help bring about a transformation, a revolution, and a transition.

crystal children have telepathic abilities that enable them to communicate later in life (around the age of three to four). since most of us focus on spoken, verbal speech, their divine talents are ignored. since words can and would never be able to adequately express emotions, their nonverbal, mind-to-mind contact is quicker and clearer, which ideally would be the future communication form.

Having a different verbal pattern, Crystal children are  judged by medical and educational fields as being “abnormal” or having autism. however, what one person considers odd can be considered natural by another. Taking into consideration that Crystal children don`t have difficulties to communicate with their parents, using a mind-to-mind and non verbal language, we should restrict the limits of what “abnormal” means.

the crystal children have a close bond with nature. they enjoy spending time outside and form close bonds with both domestic and wild animals. they are more chemically susceptible than indigos and require an healthy diet as well as a special laundry soap to prevent allergic reactions.

their auras have lovely pastel multicolor hues and are opalescent. they are fascinated by rocks and crystals.

Rainbow Child

last but not least, i’d like to discuss the rainbow guys, the newest âĢľenergy beingsâĢĿ to incarnate on earth. they are the physical manifestation of our divinity and a model of our future. rainbow children are little avatars that believe in giving back to the community. They don`t have earthly karma, because they incarnate now for the first time. That`s why they pick to come in completely functional families, being surrounded by their parents with love, harmony, compassion and gratitude. they usually choose crystal’s dad.

The Rainbow children radiate rainbow energy, which is the primordial energy, the energy we were all  made of. this kind of energy includes a variety of vibrations similar to the rainbow colors, and it aids in the harmony and healing of our body and vibration.

rainbow children differ from indigos and crystals in that they have a few more unique features. they are born in the universal consciousness level, the ninth dimension of consciousness. rainbows bring love and prosperity to their families; they never want to smile, and they have a big heart full of grace and compassion.

They are  able to shift quickly from a negative to a positive vibration level. Rainbow children also have the ability to read people`s feeling, being able to feel the vibrations around them.

They have strong will and personalities  and are known as natural born healers.  it seems that they have the ability to manifest anything they wish or want in an moment. they believe in the influence of their ideas because they were formed from the primordial energy source.

As the name implies, the Rainbow children come to Earth with a few more spectrum of  ray color. that is why they have such a deep emotional attachment to colors. they are drawn to the colors of their environment and enjoy wearing brightly colored clothing.

rainbow children are high-energy individuals who express their passion through their imagination. With this type of high and harmonic vibration, the Rainbow children are thought to be the new world’s architects, the world eckhart tolle is a spiritual teacher and author was referring to in his novel awakening to your life’s purpose on a new earth

Starting from a young age, Rainbow children are able to clearly express their  needs and wants.

we should mistake their behavior as obstinacy. the rainbow parents are responsible for developing their understanding of proper character development and they must understand the good characteristics that the rainbow kid possesses. rainbow parents should also stop giving their children harmful vibrational energy.

Differently from the Children of the indigos and crystals, who are sensitive to additives and processed food, the Rainbow children have an immunity to junk food. since their blood has the capacity to cleanse toxins and harmful bacteria in food and air, they can absorb it without difficulty. as a result, the rainbow kid is equipped with a well-thought-out internal detox scheme. the rainbow kid is hyperactive due to his or her high level of activity.

the force of heart is manifested in the rainbow children, with a fully balanced feminine and masculine energy system, blending into a prism of Rainbow light. their survival also depends on us, and they came to remind us how we have changed our equilibrium and how we could rebalance in order for the world to rebalance as well.

the indigos demonstrated our inflexibility, destructiveness, and rigidity. the crystals revealed how closed and unfeeling we are, and the rainbows have arrived to help us unlock our minds they come to assist us in interpreting the divine force of love that we derive from the universe. to experience the great heart that beats at the universe’s core. to demonstrate how to bring a significant change in our way of thought, behaving, and living.

One of the big secret we didn`t know about is the richness and wealth that accompanies emotions.

you can work it out by feelings. your metaphysical body is connected to your emotional body.  these three groups of are members of the family of light Kids who are celebrities came to be diplomats that brought the worlds together. To become more informed, so that  everyone involved can release fear and become uninhibited. Indigos, crystals, and rainbow children are likely to absorb the universal source’s cosmic rays of wisdom when they have a high vibrational frequency and can synchronize to it. They are the Light receptors sent from the Universe, and they radiate the received energy on us, just  like some little Suns.

In our country, today is the 1st of June,  the National Children`s Day.  This day is dedicated to honor Children`s life and rights. Even if you have a Star Child at home, even if not, my message for all the parents in the world is: you should adore your kids! love him no matter what! love him as if he were a rare star boy, because he is. your approach as a father is critical in maintaining the purity of his spirit. what you say to him as a child will become his inner voice as an adult. connect with his own desires and wishes at all times. keep an ear out on what your child is going to say! teach your kid what you know later in life. Treat them with infinite kindness, compassion and love, as the child is his parent`s mirror.

If you have a star child at home, admire his natural positive rhythm and learn all you can from him, for the truth is just a step away.