Green Aventurine Meaning + Healing Properties

that life is a shambles! Look no further than green aventurine if your luck has just hit the fan and you’re looking to turn it around.  carrying a piece of this crystal in your purse, bag, or on your altar would bring you wealth, achievement, happiness, and good luck.  the most common color of aventurine is green, which varies from light to dark green and can be mistaken for green jade when polished.  aventurine comes in a variety of shades, including red, brown, yellow, green, and silver.  while the different colors have several spiritual parallels, we will focus on green aventurine for the purposes of this blog today.

this lovely crystal emits a caring, soothing energy that helps people cope with fear, frustration, and depression by breaking old ties and habits of behaviour, allowing them to move on with joy, confidence, happiness, enthusiasm, inspiration, and a positive outlook on life.  this crystal aids in the emergence of these energy structures in the biofield’s etheric, sensory, and emotional bodies (also known as the aura layers).  green aventurine is said to assist you in moving forward with courage, particularly when working through difficult conditions, on this roller coaster ride we call life!  it motivates us to step on, accept transition, and live in the now. even when things sound out of our reach and negative, using this crystal will make you see life from a different viewpoint – the ‘positive side.’.  Many who use green aventurine will meditate and use it to manifest before starting a new project, asking for a raise at work, going on an audition, and finding solutions to working with difficult people- especially family & friends.

On a physical level, green aventurine is believed to ease conditions relating to the circulatory reproductive & nervous systems, such as the heart, lungs, and thymus, encouraging fertility, and healing those recovering from surgery.  green aventurine is thought to aid in the treatment of a variety of skin disorders, including acne and eczema.

start meditating with green aventurine in one hand and translucent quartz in the other to intensify the desire you want to manifest if you need a little extra luck.   green aventurine pairs well with quartz crystals, as a bonus.  so the next time you read your affirmations aloud, hold a piece of blue quartz in one hand and a piece of green aventurine in the other.  other applications for this crystal include sticking a portion next to your mobile phone or laptop to reduce emf emissions and other contaminants from the atmosphere.  you might also tuck it into your pillowcase or keep one close to your bedside as you sleep.  after all, we spend half of our lives in bed, so why not reap the rewards of sleeping next to the crystal’s lovely energy?

if you use this crystal in feng shui, it will get the elements of earth and water into your home.

capricorn and pisces are two zodiac signs synonymous with amber.

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