Christian Prayers Before Job Interviews that Make an Impact

prayer has tremendous strength. 1 thessalonians 5:16-18 says, “rejoice always, pray without ceasing, offer thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of god in christ jesus for you.”. we are commanded to pray constantly. this entails thinking for anything and everything, no matter how large or small, in our everyday lives.

god wants us to bring all of our wishes, dreams, worries, expectations, and ambitions to him. he is the only one who is divine and can guide us to goodness, honesty, and abundant love. your pleas for a work interview will always be heard by the lord. there is a prayer that you should express, regardless of how it seems based on the circumstances or condition.

the following are few christian prayers to say during a work interview:

  • this is a prayer for preparation
  • Prayer of Wisdom
  • for the interviewer, pray for favor
  • prayer for prosperity
  • may be with you

the strength comes from god, not from the things you utter. pay more attention to who you’re asking for rather than what you’re doing. to add each of these prayers to your personal life, modify them as desired. pray some scriptures that come to mind as well.

Prayer for Preparation

i pray that you will brace my heart for this work interview, father. i’m going to prepare my mind to put it to sleep. prepare my resume and qualifications. Bring it to my attention if there is something i’m doing. if there are any other things that i’m missing, please direct me to them and provide me with the information i need to deal with them.

prepare my client to have a conversation with him or her. make contact with the person on behalf of this opportunity. still, in the end, tell him or her about your magnificent love and kingdom. in modesty, readiness, and servant hood, prepare me.

prepare me in terms of my physical, physiological, social, moral, and relational well-being. give me everything i need to live a life of godliness and to be beyond reproach. prepare a path for me to walk along before i arrive. bring your word of wisdom to all areas of my life to lead me. âĢľyour word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path,âĢĿ says psalm 119:105. may this be true of my soul.

Prayer of Wisdom

Give me insight into my interview, lord. âĢľfor the lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come insight and understanding,âĢĿ you say in proverbs 2:6. âĢľif any of you needs wisdom, you may ask god, who gives freely to all without seeking fault, and it will be granted to you,âĢĿ you say in james 1:5

in modesty and boldness, i come before you, believing in your goodness and hope. you said you’d offer wisdom freely, so please spill out your divine wisdom to help me prepare for this interview and the job i’ll be doing.

please offer me insight in my dealings with the interviewer, my prospective boss, and my colleagues. teach me how to walk in your glorious way so that your name can be glorified. instill maturity in me such that my words, deeds, emotions, motives, and experiences are true.

even, as james 3:17 says, allow me to remember your superiority over the wisdom of the universe. âĢľhowever, wisdom from on high is first and foremost pure; after that, it is peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of grace and good fruit, impartial, and sincereĿ

for the interviewer, pray for favor

god, please bless the interviewer with whom i will be speaking. assist us in having a positive conversation. will the interviewer be blessed by my speech. âĢľkind words are like honey âĢĶ sweet to the soul and good for the body,âĢĿ says proverbs 16:24

give me the words to speak and the insight i’ll need to navigate this situation. get my vocabulary tasty and nutritious. if the interviewer is in danger, use them to bring peace to their life. assist me in determining what to say and what not to say. in this conversation, go ahead of me.

after the interview, please bring a constructive experience and comment. however, make use of this time for more than just a career. make the most of this opportunity to bring the kingdom to earth. use me as a conduit for your honesty and light. allow the right doors and discussions to open up for me so that i can have an effect. this influence will come from your will, not from my positive will or deeds. and by the power of your will, lord.

bring light where death once reigned. bring hope to a part of my life where i’ve been struggling. assist me in maintaining a stable career that meets mine and my family’s needs. help me to meet the social, financial, mental, emotional, and psychological needs of those in my immediate vicinity.

prayer for prosperity

lord, i pray that you will continue to develop me, even though it is a difficult and frustrating process. if i’m not ready for this job, help me grow so that i am. bring development before i have all of the resources i need if i have this job and don’t have any of the tools i need. teach and guide me in a realistic manner.

i want to develop both my hard and soft skills. improve my honesty, work ethic, and performance. assist me in being a fast learner and developing the skills and education required for this role. if i am hired, please provide me with opportunities to advance in this business.

bless myself in order for me to help you. however, grant me a pure heart and pure intentions so that i am not inclined to use my status or blessings for personal gain or pride.

can the words of colossians 3:23-24 apply to me. that i will obey the instruction, “whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as if you were working for the lord, not for human masters,” and i know that i will be rewarded with an inheritance from the lord. you are serving the lord jesus christ

help me to live the life described in colossians 3:17. âĢľand everything you do, in word or deed, do it in the name of the lord jesus, give thanks to god the father by him. Give me new insight and knowledge that brings me to your goodness and honesty in the places that i am not joyfully submitting to you.

may be with you

i’m worried about my interview, father. i’m concerned that i won’t have the necessary skills, works to present, or other resources to succeed. i’m also concerned that if this opportunity does not become available, i’ll be left in a difficult situation. you know what i need before i even ask for it, lord.

Your father knows what you need before you ask him jesus said in matthew 6:8b. father, you know what i need even better than i know what i need. so provide for my needs in accordance with your wisdom. give me comfort in the places where i don’t have it. give me the courage to face my fears, anxieties, and worries. grow my faith in you so that i can trust you with all of my desires, opinions, and feelings.

do not be worried about anything your word says, but bring your petitions to god in any case by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving. in christ jesus, the peace of god, which surpasses all knowledge, will guard your hearts and minds (philippians 4:6-7).

i’ve chosen to present all of this to you. i praise you for your unwavering faithfulness throughout history and in my own life. also, i believe you are who you think you are. you are pure, and you are working in this universe to bring your goodness to earth in the same way as it does in heaven.

finally, as scripture says in 2 thessalonians 3:16, i pray that you grant me your peace at all times and in all ways. âĢľnow may the lord of justice himself grant you peace in all things at all times and in all ways. âĢľmay the lord be with you all

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