Chiron In Leo: The Wound Of Talent

chiron is the comet that exposes our darkest wounds and is known as the injured savior. chiron is a “newer” asteroid that wasn’t initially significant in astrology, but it has a major influence on almost every map i look at.

Look to chiron if you want to hear more about the mysterious emotional wound you’re wearing.

today i’ll talk about chiron in leo, which is the most common location in celebrity horoscopes.

chiron’s cut in leo

someone with chiron in leo would feel ignored or unappreciated for their individuality. they will seem to blend into the background.

this person may feel hated in some situations, but they may also feel neglected or overlooked in others.  they would conclude that they are not good enough, that their talent is not appreciated, or that they are simply unremarkable.

it’s strange, but people born with chiron in leo are often gifted in any way. They can have issues related to how they feel about their talent as well as ego issues surrounding other people’s adoration of them.

This is usually because although people with Chiron in Leo try to show their talent to others, they aren’t actually convinced deep down that they have any talent at all.

chiron in leo, at its heart, produces a fear of joining in without a ability or reason; in fact, a individual may participate in groups or life simply to survive. they are remarkable just from being themselves, but they feel useless and are ignorant of it.

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How will this wound show itself?

the wound caused by chiron in leo will manifest in one of two forms.

In one case, the person with Chiron in Leo may try their hardest to be recognized, respected, or loved. they can attempt to win popularity or publicity, and they often strive to become âĢľfamousâĢĿ in some way. they will do this and try to persuade themselves that they have no excuse to feel bad, but this will not change their deep-seated emotions.

in the second example, the person feels so incapable of being the centre of attention that they would go to any extent to avoid being in the spotlight. They will support others in this role (often children) by trying to help others gain notoriety and become successful in the spotlight.

the person would be too sensitive to criticism in both cases. because of their fear, they can misinterpret a scenario and think they’ve been attacked when this isn’t the case. they are afraid of failure as a result of their own feelings of inadequacy.

both forms of chiron in leo people will feel obligated to prove their worth to the world, whether by their own talents or the talents of others; in any case, they will be continually trying to prove themselves to the world. they don’t know they don’t have much to say.

Look at the house and aspects to see exactly how the person will feel a need to prove themselves. if chiron is in the 10th house, for example, the person will attempt to show themselves through their job or public appearance, while chiron in the 2nd house suggests that the person will strive to feel deserving by wealth and property.

What is the cause of the wound?

this wound, rather than any other, has its beginnings in childhood.

a individual with chiron in leo is normally inhibited (in any way) from expressing themselves creatively. this person most likely did not receive proper appreciation from their parents for their ideas or abilities as a child, leaving them feeling useless.

it’s probable that the kid feels unimportant, ignored, or overlooked. They just weren’t noticed, or at worst they were noticed in a bad way (such as their parents remarking on their lack of talent).

in leo, here’s how to cure chiron

A person with Chiron in Leo needs to learn how to heal the inner child and accept themselves. the wound is triggered by a lack of self-acceptance and self-praise, even though the individual feels it is due to a lack of approval from others.

the trick is to realize that this individual has the potential to identify their own individuality and discover their gift to the world. they have a crucial role in the community and a special gift to give as a result of this placement, but it is up to them to work through adversity and understand it.

if the person learns that the problems stem from infancy, inner child training can be highly useful.

popular people born with chiron in leo include:

it often puzzles me that chiron in leo appears in the birth charts of so many celebrities. chiron in leo is often seen in the charts of individuals who aren’t only well-known, but also trend-setters or global phenomena.

pallas astrology – how you solve problems is related

The whole issue behind Chiron in Leo is not being seen or feeling unnoticed, but I can only assume that this is the driver for these folks to work towards fame. alternatively, they may be child stars (or born into a successful family) who feel that their real selves aren’t being recognized.

here are some of the most well-known people who have chiron in leo:

  • ariana grande is a pop singer from the united states
  • selena gomez is a pop singer from the united states
  • demi lovato is a singer and songwriter from los angeles, california
  • miley cyrus is a popular american singer
  • john lennon is one of the most well-known artists of all time
  • zayn malik is a british singer-songwriter
  • bruce lee is a well-known martial artist
  • paul mccartney is a british musician
  • mick jagger is a rocker from the united kingdom
  • jimi hendrix is one of the most well-known guitarists of all time
  • muhammad ali is a famous boxer from the united states
  • Cardi B
  • Bernie Sanders
  • harrison ford is a well-known actor
  • stephen hawking is a british physicist
  • joe biden is the vice president of the united states
  • janis joplin was a musician and songwriter from the united states
  • nick jonas is an american singer and songwriter
  • barbra streisand is a well-known singer and actress
  • mac miller is a musician from the united states
  • J.R.R. Tolkien
  • travis scott is a musician from the united states
  • aretha franklin is a legendary performer
  • victoria justice is a lawyer
  • martha stewart is a well-known american television host
  • kate upton is a model and actress
  • (because nations, too, have birth charts!)
  • eisenhower, dwight d

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