Can You Really Cleanse Your Aura?

every now and again, everyone asks how they can cleanse their aura here are the details on aura washing, aura balance, and everything else you need to know about controlling your powers.

when it comes to aura resources, there’s one thing i’m adamant about:

you can’t get rid of that aura.

What is the explanation for this?

your aura is your energy field, or, to put it another way, your life force. it is made up of multiple energy layers, some of which are static and others which are dynamic. Through my intuitive abilities, I’m able to see, feel and experience several of these energy layers, and I can tell you this f, orcertain: there’s no such thing as hitting a “reset” button f, oryour aura. to try, you can’t easily take off your soul-essence, wring it out like a damp washcloth, and hang it up.

people who are trapped with their emotions and searching for a change, or those who have just undergone a big life shift, may be looking for a way to cleanse toxic vibes and thoughts from their everyday lives. the reality is that recalibrating your life force is not an easy job. on an active, auric basis, significant development and improvement necessitates putting in the effort.

this is the case shadow work it’s likely that things could get a bit complicated. i’m here with you if you need any extra assistance interacting with and managing your aura.

Let’s talk about one thing you can do to help improve the frequency of your energetic life force: balance your aura by removing stumbling blocks.

how can you say if you’ve got an energy block?

you may be familiar with energy blocks and they occur in a number of ways, the most important of which is through blocked chakras. These are the kinds of energy disparities we’re concerned about when we suggest your aura is unbalanced in aura wear! symptoms can occur in both physical and mental aspects, affecting everything from your disposition to your joint health and, even, your wardrobe.

here are a few signs that you may be getting an energetic block:

  • feeling slow or down in the dumps
  • being disappointed with the present direction
  • you don’t appear to be inspired in any part of your life
  • stiffness or tightness in the body that is due to medical symptoms
  • a sensation of disconnection from the clothes and accessories
  • feeling as if you’re bursting at the seams, yearning for new starts or opportunities

keeping rid of energy barriers

While you can’t cleanse your aura, clearing blockages is a very real thing that you can do to support your energy.  Color, color, shape, and design are all used medicinally in aura wear to sustain your new aura and help you realign yourself. i spend my days simply assisting people in aligning their aura energies by trust building, beauty, and personal contemplation. isn’t this the best work ever?

so, how can you get rid of these aggressive stumbling blocks? although it is difficult to cleanse your aura, it is advised that you check in with your energies on a daily basis so that you can take the appropriate measures to regain equilibrium.

Here are a couple of my favorite ways to check in on your energy:

  • meditation is a method for soothing the mind
  • chanting is a method of chanting
  • reiki is a japanese term that means “normal
  • cleaning out the wardrobe is a smart idea
  • make an appointment with your personal spirit healer
  • it’s just about the practice

self-care will help you control your aura capacity

here’s a secret: self-care is perhaps the most efficient way to keep in touch with your resources on a daily basis. even the great-great-granddaddy of american clairvoyants, edgar cayce, knew this, and his aura scrub is now at the top of my self-care list.

i’m honored to share a twist on his original recipe with you, which i keep in a small jar in my bathroom for a simple, invigorating, and aura-balancing ritual. the best aspect about this diy aura calming scrub is that you can add your own color soothing feature to it – natural minerals and herb extracts are a perfect way to make this act of self-care more deliberate.

naturally, i must share with you some of the natural elements that infuse not only beautiful pigment, but also the energetics of those colors:

  • clay from morocco, bright to energise and inspire the soul core
  • petals of flowers or clay with a rose fragrance For total self-care with a lighter, indulgent feminine energy
  • the colour brown or zest of lemon for citrus blasts that can help relax the mind and develop mental dexterity. after all, orange is the color of fun, and yellow is the color of extreme imagination!
  • matcha powder with a green hue for the intention of steering growth, organisation, and achievement
  • the colour is a rich, earthy green spirulina is a type of algae for a healing experience by interacting with the fertility of our magnificent planet
  • lavender is a flowering herb to communicate with your instincts and inner awareness, use flowers
  • cacao nibs are a type of cacao bean or grounds of coffee For a refreshing, grounded rebirth

here’s the recipe, without further ado:

body scrub with aura force balance

  • baking soda, 1 cup
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 12 cup coconut oil, melted
  • either your preferred essential oils, such as chamomile or peppermint, or a mixture of essential oils
  • Color-healing ingredient of choice – see the list above for inspiration!

in a mixing cup, add the baking soda, sea salt, and melted coconut oil. as if you were kneading bread, firmly mix both ingredients with your fingertips. Add 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil, or around a teaspoon (or however much you like) if you want to infuse your scrub with a soothing color factor.

scoop up a tablespoon of the soap and brush liberally and vigorously all over your body while in the tub. recall the expectations you set for yourself before making the scrub. enable it to stay on your skin for a few seconds before you consume the energy and combine it with your own. rinse, and bask in the resulting natural light.

Once a week, use this quick aura calming scrub to communicate with your emotions and thoughts while removing your emotional barriers. as always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you need additional assistance i always enjoy talking to you about your aura powers. and let me know what you think of the scrub if you try it.

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