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Colors and Their Meanings

RED it has to do with the circulatory system, the heart, and the human body. it has a thick hue that either draws or repels. red energy is a balanced ego in a good way. in a negative sense, red energy may manifest as anger, hostility, fear, or nervousness.

SHADES OF RED deep red is a strong-willed, stable, survivalist, and practical character. is it a dirty red? anger. are you hunting for a strong red? strong, sensual, enthusiastic, energetic, and competitive are some of the terms that come to mind when i think of you. What is the distinction between orange and red? confidence. what’s with the vivid pink? sensual, romantic, intimacy, caring, sensitivity, sympathy, and clairaudience are all terms that can be used to characterize clairaudience. pink with a murky undertone? dishonesty, immaturity.

ORANGE it has to do with the sexual organs as well as sentimental emotions. it’s a color that’s synonymous with good fitness, strength, and enthusiasm. orange energy is active, imaginative, sociable, and brave when perceived positively. it can lead to depression and addictions if perceived negatively.

SHADES OF ORANGE what’s the difference between orange and yellow? skill, careful attention to detail, analytical rigor, inventiveness, and perfectionist. is it a brownish orange? Low desire, laziness, or repressed feeling are both possibilities.

YELLOW it has everything to do with the spleen and life force. it’s the colour of fresh starts, hope, laid-back spirit, imagination, and intellect.

SHADES OF YELLOW pale yellow, perhaps? psychic and moral insight, motivation, hopefulness, and positivity are all attributes that can be seen in a good person. what’s that vivid yellow color? personal and professional fear of losing influence, loyalty, power struggles, and authority. metallic translucent gold? spirituality has been reactivated, and an inspirational awakening has arisen. ?golden murky black brown? studying or attempting to understand all at once will trigger exhaustion and tension.

GREEN it has to do with the heart and lungs. it’s a great color that’s both soothing and safe. balance, growth, and transition are all expressed by this symbol. respect for humans, creatures, and nature is represented.

SHADES OF GREEN What colour is emerald green? person who is a healer and a lover. is it yellow or green? Connection that is heartfelt and imaginative. jealousy, victimhood, scapegoating, vulnerability, aversion to scrutiny, and a sense of personal accountability are all characteristics synonymous with murky forest green.

TURQUOISE this word applies to the immune system. it has the aura of a healer or psychiatrist, who is sensitive and caring.

BLUE it has to do with the thyroid and the mouth. it is a clear, quiet, and concentrated color that elicits feelings of care, compassion, empathy, and intuition.

SHADES OF BLUE is it really blue? tranquility, precision, insight, and sincerity. What colour is royal blue? clairvoyance, faith, kindness, and a desire to do new stuff. What is this dark blue? fear of voicing oneself, the future, and saying the truth.

INDIGO it has to do with the third eye and the pituitary gland. it’s the colour of awareness, insight, and deep emotion.

VIOLET the crown, pineal gland, and nervous system are all affected. in the aura, it is the most important hue. it is intuitive, imaginative, psychically powerful, mystical, and creative in nature.

LAVENDER opia, fantasy, and daydreaming are all associated with this hue.

SILVER it applies to both metaphysical and physical capital. a large amount of bright silver in the aura may suggest prosperity or spiritual awakening.

SHADES OF SILVER ~ Bright Metallic Silver ? fresh concepts, caring, compassionate. gray muddy? fear accumulation in the body, as well as health conditions as used in particular parts of the body. What is a filthy gray overlay? energy is trapped, shielded, and cynicism is present.

GOLD it applies to divine protection and illumination. This aura is synonymous with divine inspiration, knowledge, inner harmony, insight, and spiritual thought.

BLACK this term refers to the method of drawing, storing, and converting material. indicates a tough attitude (to oneself or others), past life concerns, residual rage, sadness, or health conditions.

WHITE this applies to the capacity to represent and defend other forces. it may mean the existence of fresh energies in the aura, as well as reality, innocence, angelic virtues, and a stable human. angels are close whether there are sparks or sparkles of white light.

SHADES OF WHITE ‘dirty grayish white,’ perhaps? illness is a probability.

EARTH TONES it refers to the colors of soil, wood, minerals, and plants. many that work outside, such as in farming, benefit from these essential and strong grounding colors.

RAINBOW a healer may be marked by rainbow streaks originating as light beams from the wrist, head, or body.

PASTELS it has to do with openness and a need for serenity. they are known as light and shadow combinations.

BROWN greedy, self-centered, and narrow-minded.

SHADES OF BROWN What is a filthy brown overlay? clings to destructive energies and feelings of vulnerability.

symbols are used to describe objects

ORBS ~ are visible embodiments of angels, spirit guides, and/or deceased loved ones. they are usually brown, yellow, violet, or magenta in colour, and many spiritual practitioners will feel or see them.

triangles are a type of triangle

  • gender is an important aspect to remember
  • the desire to dream creatively
  • harmony is a wonderful term
  • Proportion
  • ascension is a term used to describe the mechanism of a individual
  • culmination is the final step of the process
  • the method of lighting
  • integration is a concept used to describe the method of
  • subjectivity is a concept used to describe a individual’
  • the process of manifesting


  • Waxing, Waning, Full
  • spirit, mind, and body are all interconnected
  • Dad, son, and holy spirit
  • there’s a mum, a father, and a boy
  • the past, current, and future are all interconnected
  • joy, intellect, and strength
  • emotion, emotion, and thinking
  • mother, daughter, and crone are three distinct forms of women
  • joy, fact, and wisdom are three words that come to mind when i think of the three
  • sustainer, destroyer, and producer
  • creation, reproduction, and deterioration are the three phases of the artistic process

diamonds, gold, diamonds, diamonds, Overwhelmingly, the diamond symbol or the triangle symbol motif expresses itself in terms of the words “clarity,” “ascension,” and “wisdom” come to mind but it’s not the kind of insight you’d expect. i’m speaking to a insight and wisdom that reaches beyond the mundane facets of our daily lives.

merkaba, merkaba, merkaba, mer translates to “light,” “heart,” and “bone.”. The Merkaba Symbol is a shape made of 2 intersecting tetrahedrons that spin in opposite directions, creating  a 3-dimensional energy field. with mastered meditation and relaxation exercises, you may trigger this vessel of light in your own body.

the merkaba is said to shield you and carry your consciousness to higher planes of life. the merkaba form reminds us of the strength we can exert when we pool our resources in the pursuit of attachment and development.

STARGAZER LILY is demanding that you yield to the pure love that the world owes you. enable yourself to receive by breaking down the walls that cover your heart and surrendering unloving thoughts for yourself. there are so many ways we shut up, hide our soul’s glory, or worse, don’t even understand or consider our own sublimity. we can also steer unloving thoughts and actions towards ourselves, whether consciously or unconsciously.

stargazer lily tells us that the fears that hold us awake at night are always the ones we need to succumb to rather than fight, eradicate, or conquer. surrendering to them will assist in loosening their grasp on us, encouraging us to open up and accept their guidance. enable yourself to be inspired by the beauty and majesty of the world, as well as the beauty and majesty of yourself. you are still appropriate.

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