15 Easy Three Card Tarot Spreads for Beginners

when you first begin reading tarot, it can be enticing to check out all of the many complicated tarot spreads available (for example, the celtic cross).

the fact is, these types of tarot spreads aren’t exactly beginner-friendly, and they’re likely to confuse you.

That’s why I’d recommend starting out with simple and easy three card tarot spreads for beginners instead, until you become more confident reading tarot.

although they can seem uninteresting at first, there is a lot you can do and experience with a three-card set!

in all honesty, if you have a good relation to your tarot deck, you can get just as much value from these spreads as you can from any of the broader spreads.

there’s no reason to leap straight into large spreads without first laying the groundwork, and three-card spreads are a perfect way to launch

three-card tarot spreads are readings that cause you to take three cards from your tarot deck.

they’re normally read from left to right, and each card has its own distinct sense, but they all link in some way

three-card tarot spreads are an ideal way to advance from single-card interpretations to deeper analysis of the tarot.

they’re an perfect number for offering you a more thorough reading without being unnecessarily confusing and difficult to understand, in my experience. this makes them one of the best beginner tarot spreads.

15 three-card tarot spreads that are easy to do

When learning how to read tarot spreads, these 15 basic three-card spreads are a perfect place to Begin.

tarot spreads with three cards for direction

What are your strengths and shortcomings, and how do you improve?

situation, stumbling block, and suggestions

situation, plan of action, and conclusion

tarot spreads with three cards for self-discovery

the past, the current, and the future are all interconnected

self, body, and spirit are all interconnected

your conscious mind, subconscious mind, and superconscious mind are all aspects of the consciousness

initial tarot spreads of three cards

What am i doing now? what do i want to be when i grow up? What is the fastest way for me to get there?

what do i want to be when i grow up? what is it that is stopping me from fulfilling my goals? What is the safest way for me to get through this?

what would be of assistance to me? what challenges will i face? what is the size of my untapped potential?

Love and partnership tarot spreads of three cards

your relationship’s position, their relationship’s role, and your interaction with each other

What you want out of the relationship, what they want out of the relationship, and where you want the relationship to go

what ties you together, what separates you, and what demands your attention

career tarot spreads of three cards

where i can find wealth, my financial problems, and my financial strengths

What am i doing now? what do i want to do with my life? how am i going to get there?

what is stopping me from advancing with my career? what separates me from others? how will i make the best of my abilities?

a reference sheet for tarot numerology

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these quick three-card tarot spreads will get you started. but bear in mind that your tarot experience is totally special to you, and you’re free to play with your own spreads!

experiment for various types of three card spreads to see what you can come up with.

let me know which three-card spread from this list is your favorite!

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