10 Best Psychic Anime You Should Watch Right Now

characters with exceptional abilities are common with anime fans. and anime is notorious for exploring the limits of the exceptional, and supernatural skills are no different. with too many supernatural skills including telepathy, clairvoyance, flight, psychokinesis, and more, spiritual capabilities are unique and rare. as the names suggest, these supernatural talents are often objectively grounded in some anime stories, which compensates for more imaginative imaginary scenarios in multiple narratives.

psychic talents are often portrayed in anime as inherently and potentially beneficial. the ability to alter or influence reality, which is directly related to the characters’ consciousness, may also be a plot element that brings suspense to an anime. psychic powers are often used so beautifully in anime that people are left hoping for their own mystical ability.

although supernatural abilities are awesome and easy, our psychic anime friends have it tough. anime involving paranormal powers generally centers around people who use their magical ability for good or evil. it is often used by the main characters to help those in need and to defeat evil. the antonogists use their supernatural powers exclusively for the purpose of villainy, but they do rarely have a legitimate explanation behind their actions. Other than the use of supernatural powers, the two types of characters with contrasting views play an crucial part in determining a psychic anime’s core theme.

don’t panic if you’re hunting for any good supernatural anime; you’re in good hands. here’s a list of some of the best supernatural anime to watch right now.

  • psychic anime of the year
    • 00. hinamatsuri is a japanese series
    • no. 2. elfen lied is a short story about a group of elves who
    • no. 5. from the modern world, shinsekai yori
    • no. 5. the upcoming diary’s mirai nikki
    • 05. mob psycho ten0 is a gangster film
    • 05. saiki kusuo no-nan (saiki k.’s wretched life)
    • 05. link with kokoro
    • 05. miss kotoura’s turbulent life (kotoura-san)
    • 09. yamada-kun to 7-nin no majo (yamada-kun and the seven witches) is a manga about yamada-kun
    • ten. (erased) boku dake ga inai machi

01. hinamatsuri is a japanese series

![psychic anime of the year](https://static.gojinshi.com/wp-content/uploads/2no. 20/01/Best-Psychic-Anime-1.jpg)

yoshifumi nitta is a yakuza associate who was carefully holding his precious vase when a girl in a large capsule comes out of nowhere and lands on his head without warning. the girl has no memories of her life, but she does recall her name, hina. she explodes as yoshifumi frees her from the pod. she discovers that she has exceptional psychokinetic powers and aids yoshifumi in his battle against the opposing yakuza party. as a result of these events, yoshifumi takes on the part of her false father in order to manipulate her in the yakuza business. however, hina’s arrival has inspired other girls in the city with supernatural abilities to attempt to abduct her.

02. elfen lied is a short story about a group of elves who

psychic anime of the year

lucy is a mutant human who has the power to use translucent telekinetic hands capable of destroying any object. she was a test subject for government researchers. lucy had a opportunity to run one day and went on a killing spree to save herself from her captors. she caused an accident while trying to flee the prison, resulting in a head injury and the loss of her memory. Thankfully, two college students noticed lucy and took her to their home to be cared for her injuries. they have no clue, though, that they are welcoming an escaped prisoner with murderous motives.

05. from the modern world, shinsekai yori

psychic anime of the year

a limited proportion of the world’s people began to use psychokinesis, a godlike power to control matter from afar. it caused chaos, with power users hurting average citizens. after a long period of alienation, power users were able to restore civilization and create a better life for themselves. saki is a teen who has realized her strength and is eager to join her peers at sage academy, a school where she can learn to harness it. she began to realize the grim realities about psychic users and how their new life would bring tragedy as she eventually got more interested in the psychic community.

05. the upcoming diary’s mirai nikki

psychic anime of the year

yukiteru amano is a recluse who spends his time on his phone writing a daily diary. he also converses with deus ex machina, an imaginary acquaintance who is believed to be a deity of space and time. deus finally introduces himself as a true human and bestows the influence of random diary on yukiteru. he can see the future in his mobile diary thanks to this capacity. the catch is that yukiteru will be pitted against eleven other humans with equal skills in a battle royale. yukiteru’s stalker and lover, yuno gasai, is also a diary keeper, so he joins him in this bloodbath. however, if yukiteru does not play his card correctly, this relationship could end terribly for him.

05. mob psycho 100 is a gangster film

psychic anime of the year

shigeo kageyama is a high school student who, at a young age, discovers his supernatural ability. despite his amazing superhuman skills, shigeo fails to control them while he is mentally unstable. shigeo began working for reigen arataka, a self-proclaimed witch and conman, in order to maintain power of his powers. shiogio only wants to live a simple life and satisfy his childhood crush without having to call on his supernatural powers. however, shigeo’s dormant feelings are increasingly becoming stronger and could explode at any moment if he becomes angry.

05. Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.)

psychic anime of the year

Given the fact that kusuo saiki was born to average biological parents, he holds remarkable mental powers such as telepathy, psychokinesis, and teleportation. supernatural skills may be a gift for other people, but they are a curse for saiki. he has total power of his talents, but he despises the exposure that these abilities can bring. his main aim in life is to remain out of the spotlight and enjoy a normal, stress-free lifestyle. however, it seems that not using his strength is not an choice when dealing with his odd friends.

05. link with kokoro

psychic anime of the year

after struggling to find a place where they could blend in, taichi, iori, himeko, yoshifumi, and yui founded the student cultural society club. yoshifumi and yui’s bodies were swapped for a brief time one day. this mysterious activity began to occur at random to other members of the club. it was originally interesting to hear about each other’s lives, but it soon developed into a horror as they learned each other’s dark secrets. heartseed, a mystical being who sought to observe humans for an unexplained purpose, was responsible for these events. this group of friends will also be expected to go through a series of other mysterious occurrences, which which leave traumatic wounds in their bonds.

05. miss kotoura’s turbulent life (kotoura-san)

psychic anime of the year

haruka kotoura is a 16-year-old girl who was born with the power to read people’s minds. she disclosed her mother’s private affair when she was a teenager, oblivious that she was jeopardizing her parents’ relationship. her parents left her because they were afraid of her strength, and she ended up living with her grandparents. her friends felt she was weird as well. however, after moving to a new school, life changed for her. yoshihisa manabe, a guy she knew, thought her talents were fantastic. haruka decided to open up to others and make new friends after they both formed a supernatural abilities club.

09. yamada-kun to 7-nin no majo (yamada-kun and the seven witches) is a manga about yamada-kun

Best Psychic Anime

ryuu yamada was a criminal who changed his ways after enrolling at suzaku high. however, life became monotonous for him, and he resorted to becoming a criminal. When he returned from the teacher’s office one day, he kissed urara shiraishi by mistake after both of them fell down the stairs due to a misstep. perhaps the most unusual part was the kiss, which forced them to swap bodies, which was both pleasant and awkward for them. they heard the legend of the seven witches of suzaku high as they began to learn more about this mystical power.

10. (erased) boku dake ga inai machi

Best Psychic Anime

satoru fujinuma has the power to fly back in time only before a disaster happens. satoru has made use of this unusual capacity to save people’s lives. As he is convicted of his mother’s death, he finds himself brought back to his youth. now it’s up to him to find out who murdered his mum. it was also tied to the abduction and murder of three of his childhood friends. it’s satoru’s chance to make it better.

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