10 Beautiful Buddhist Prayers To Meditate On

1. being at one with yourself

although we live in harmony,
although we are happy,
we have the ability to grin and bloom like a vine.
Everyone in our circle, as well
our whole world is at risk
will be advantageous
from the comfort of our own.

– Thich Nhat Hanh

2. every time i take a breath, i’m reminded of how lucky i am

Today, with every breath i take,
i promise to be awake;
and with each move i take,
i promise to accept with gratitude.
so that i can see with loving eyes
into the hearts of everyone i come across,
when i’m able, i’ll try to lighten their load
and with a peaceful smile, stroke them.

– Anonymous

3. Bodhisattva Prayer For Humanity*

may i serve as a watchman for those who need defense
this is a reference for those who are on their way
for those who choose to survive the river, there is a ferry, a canoe, and a bridge.
i pray that i will be a light in the night
the tired will find a resting place here
both those who are ill will benefit from this drug
a flower of wonders, a vase of plenty.
and for the infinite number of living things
will i get you nourishment and waking
Like the land and moon, it endures
when all creatures are relieved of their suffering
and everybody is awoken.

– shantideva is a buddhist deity

*performed by the dalai lama on a regular basis

4. the mandala is being offered

this is the magnificent earth
the air was thick with the scent of incense
a canopy of roses has been draped over it
The Great Mountain, the Four Continents,
i’m wearing a sun and moon necklace.
in my imagination, i see them as buddha’s paradise
and i’m giving it all to you.
can any living being benefit from this act
take a look at the pure world.

– Tibetan Prayer

5. the sky is yours

sky is unrestricted.
the ocean is a wonderful place.
trees are magnificent.
the rocks have attained enlightenment.
we’re on the same boat.
who is really looking….
What is it for?

– Anam Thubten Rinpoche

6. Prayer For Youth

will the world’s children continue to rise
in terms of cultural wisdom and goodwill tolerance.
can one day see an increase in the number of young people
discover the beauty of both being and waking up.
may we all be able to tap into the alert stillness of our buddha selves.

– Anonymous

7. giving to those in need is a good thing to do

may i be all of these things at all times, both now and in the future
a guardian for those who don’t have one
for those who have lost their path, this is a reference
a submarine for those who like to cross oceans
For those that like to cross rivers, there is a path
a safe haven for those who are in need
a lantern for those who don’t have access to electricity
a safe haven for those who have nowhere else to go
in addition, he is a friend to those who are in need.

tenzin gyatso is a tibetan buddhist monk

8. harmony is a beautiful word

we reverently hope for the universe’s everlasting peace.
will the weather be appropriate for the season
can you reap a bountiful harvest
will all nations live in peace
and can peace be shared by all.

– Anonymous

9. walking meditation is a form of meditation that involves walking

my mind will go in a million different directions.
i will now walk in peace.
a warm breeze is created with each turn.
a lotus blooms with each step.

andrew weiss is a writer who lives in new york city

10. enlightenment is the state of being enlightened

the moon reflecting in the ocean is enlightenment.
the moon does not get soaked, and the ocean does not break.
despite the fact that its light is broad and strong,
and a one-inch-wide puddle reflects the sky.
the full moon, as well as the whole atmosphere
one dewdrop on the lawn reflects them.

– dogen is a japanese philosopher

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